MyCitadel Sportsbooks

MyCitadel Sportsbooks
  • Accepts multiple methods of deposits.
  • Private way to deposit into sportsbooks.
  • Personal datas not shared through payments.

Sportsbooks That Accept MyCitadel

Prior to the wholesale changes that took place to online wagering laws in Canada and the United States, MyCitadel wallet was one of the most popular online payment solutions for fans of sportsbook wagering. Now that this payment system is no longer available for sign up in these two countries, their presence online has been greatly reduced. MyCitadel is backed by Cidatel Commerce, which has been in business since launching their “Instant Banking” brand in 2000. [+]

Due to the restrictions placed upon online gambling in many parts of North America, this list of sportsbooks that accept MyCitadel has a limited number of sites. If you seek to play on a sportsbook that’s not listed here, check out another payment method profile on our site. In addition to displaying the type of bonus that you get from some gambling providers, we also show the minimum deposit necessary to get your account going.

Betting Online With MyCitadel

While Citadel Commerce may not be a recognized name in the financial industry, many large financial institutions have made use of the technology pioneered through products they provide, such as MyCitadel. Filling the eWallet with funds can be done through a credit card, bank transfer or direct deposit. Afterwards, you use your MyCitadel eWallet to deposit funds into the sportsbook website of your choice.

In addition to using secure digital encryption and banking protocols to reduce the risk of theft, an eWallet also has the benefit of limiting the exposure of your credit card or bank account information, preventing a direct attack on your core financial services. Several currencies may be used, with the system performing exchange rate calculations according to current conditions.

One handy aspect of using MyCitadel is the ability to perform both deposits and withdrawals into your bank account, making it easier to collect your winnings. Some online methods can only be used for making payments, which can be a drain on both your time and money.