Moneta Sportsbooks

Moneta Sportsbooks
  • Works with the biggest sportsbooks in the world.
  • Experience handling payments around the globe.
  • Low fees, accounts available in USD and EUR.

Sportsbooks That Accept Moneta

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

While the name Moneta has been linked to “cryptocurrencies” and other online payment endeavors, the most used and trusted is found at, which is an online payment provider from Russia. This system allows players from around the world to deposit money into sports through the service, enabling gaming in either USD or EUR currencies. As such, this system enables a high level of discretion for wagering enthusiasts while enabling secure financial transfers, which they’ve performed since 2005. [+]

Depending on the wagering service provider you choose, you may enjoy significant bonuses when depositing funds into sportsbooks that accept Moneta. Typically, bonuses are granted according to certain minimum deposits levels and have certain rollover rules. To find the service that works best for your gaming needs, consider the following list that outlines compatible sportsbooks and basic bonus levels granted to players. Visit these sites to discover other benefits that help improve your odds.

Betting Online With Moneta

As the most popular online payment system in Russia, Moneta is backed by major Russian banks and accepted by many of the biggest international sportsbooks. In fact, Moneta filled in a significant gap created when PayPal severely restricted its policies in terms of how users are able to interact financially with online betting services. 

Unlike some other service providers that rely on debit technology for online transfers, Moneta allows players to both deposit into gambling accounts and collect online winnings, letting you to avoid the use of multiple accounts for your wagering activities. The only drawbacks to using Moneta are slightly higher fees and the fact that most sportsbooks will require validation of your account through security checks performed by customer service representatives. 

After registering with both the sportsbook and through Moneta online, you’ll be able to easily fill and empty accounts, enabling automatic processing of funds. This includes automatic exchange of different currencies, when necessary. Fees can be reduced by checking out Moneta’s rates for specific deposit and withdrawal methods.