Mister Cash Sportsbooks

Mister Cash Sportsbooks
  • Aligned with MasterCard secure banking tech.
  • Leads all online payment providers in Belgium.
  • Three step system ensures safety and accuracy.

Sportsbooks That Accept Mister Cash

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Mister Cash is a banking system that was set up along with Bancontact in 1979, helping to create a major debit card banking system in Belgium. As Mister Cash evolved and became more popular in Belgium, it joined forces with major international credit card and financial provider MasterCard, employing the Maestro system that facilitates debit transactions linked directly to accounts. Mister Cash piggybacks off of MasterCard’s considerable security expertise, helping to make it a preferred method within Belgium. [+]

The sportsbook that you choose to join up with should help to make it easy for you to jump into online wagering. If they don’t allow you to deposit according to your preferred method, it may be better to seek one that does. This list of sportsbooks that accept Mister Cash also includes another important aspect to consider when choosing a provider – specifically, the promotions they offer for betting fans. Bonuses give you a decent idea of what a wagering site will offer. Check out their websites to discover which one works best for you.

Betting Online With Mister Cash

Mister Cash co-brands its services along with Bancontact, which collaborates to set up rules that merchants and customers must follow. Maestro technology includes vital account authorization information that must be verified by the merchant through the bank, reducing the chances of serious security issues. 

In fact, before the financial details of the transaction are transmitted, the system verifies all security features. Afterwards, the system checks to make sure the appropriate amount is sent before the processing finally goes through. Despite the three step process, transactions take place quickly. Merchants accepting payments must fulfill technical requirements and sign a licensing agreement which includes rules that foster greater online safety.

In order to take advantage of Mister Cash, you’ll need to have an account within the country of Belgium. Keep in mind that this system hasn’t been set up for chargebacks as of yet, which means you won’t be able to receive payouts into your account through this service.