Instant Wire Transfer Sportsbooks

Instant Wire Transfer Sportsbooks
  • Safe method available for more than a century.
  • Instant transfer directly to your favorite sportsbook.
  • Receive winnings directly into your bank account.

Sportsbooks That Accept Instant Wire Transfer

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Western Union was the pioneer of the instant wire transfer method of sending money from one place to another, utilizing their telegraph network to transmit the details of the payment arrangement. Soon after it’s introduction in 1872, the service became a popular way to send money. For more than a century, fans of wagering on sports have wired funds to betting parlors and racetracks in order to get in on a piece of the action. [+]

Although there are plenty of sportsbooks that accept instant wire transfer, the ones that we list on here are among the best selections in the industry. When you’re sizing up the different wagering services that you come across, it’s worth your time to check out the rebates, special bets and bonuses that these websites offer. The bonuses and minimum deposits we list give you just a brief overview of how these sportsbooks work, and the type of betting fans they tend to attract.

Betting Online With Instant Wire Transfer

When you’re performing an instant wire transfer, you’ll need to make contact with your sportsbook as well as the bank that’s sending the currency. Your financial institution will provide the necessary bank account information necessary to make the transfer. To complete the payment, you need to give this info to your sportsbook, who must also provide their business account number to the bank.

Due to the fact that money is being exchanged directly from one bank account to another, instant wire transfers are very fast, letting you deposit funds into your wagering account rapidly. Since this is a direct transfer, the fees that you’re dealing with will be reduced, compared to other methods like credit cards and online vouchers.

Instant wire transfers also let you collect your winnings from the sportsbook, eliminating the need to have separate solutions for filling your wagering account and withdrawing your earnings.