Ideal Sportsbooks

Ideal Sportsbooks
  • Secure, two-factor authentication for all transactions.
  • Works with the majority of banks in the Netherlands.
  • Real-time transactions without use of personal info.

Sportsbooks That Accept iDeal

Established as an online payment method in 2005, iDeal has grown to facilitate over 150 million transactions per year. At least 54% of all online transactions performed by people in the Netherlands took place over iDeal, which makes it more popular than using a credit card to make purchases over the internet. All activity over this system is backed by significant banks from the Netherlands, which is a big reason why it’s become popular in the country. [+]

Wagering services entice new players and keep current members loyal by offering promotions that help to give enthusiasts better odds in the long run. This list of sportsbooks that accept iDeal includes the basic bonus that you receive through the service, but to find out information about other offers, like rebates or rewards programs, you should check out the latest details listed on their site. To create an account, many services require a minimum deposit, which is included in this table.

Betting Online With iDeal

This is the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands, so you’ll need a Dutch bank account to join the rest of the ten million consumers taking advantage of iDeal. While this is one of the least expensive and most secure way of doing online transactions, players should note that the system hasn’t been set up for chargebacks as of yet. You should always make sure that the sportsbook that you use when betting online with iDeal is reputable to avoid having to register your dispute with a bank.

Since money may only flow from consumer to merchant, online sportsbooks will not be able to deposit winnings into your bank account through iDeal, so you’ll need to make other arrangements with your wagering provider to collect your prize. The convenience of depositing through iDeal is the main draw, which connects to nearly all of the major banks and payment systems in the Netherlands.

An app is also available for those who want to manage their payments through their smartphone, increasing the overall convenience of depositing into your betting account.