Echeck Sportsbooks

Echeck Sportsbooks
  • Uses well-established banking technology.
  • Avoid credit card and online payment fees.
  • Secure transfer directly from bank accounts.

Sportsbooks That Accept Echeck

Echeck, also known as electronic checks, is a system of payment that has already been around for a couple of decades, making use of the same information that paper checks require to transfer payments between bank accounts. This method of online payment is still the only approved for large-value transfers over public internet servers by the United States treasury. Since this method involves direct transfers over well-established banking methods, it’s one of the most secure and often the least costly. [+]

While not the most popular method of filling your online wagering account with funds, Echecks are still used by the industry, especially for players who prefer avoiding credit cards, online payment processors and other non-direct methods. This list of sportsbooks that accept Echeck also includes information about deposits and bonuses that you find on these sites, although the best way of discovering what these providers can offer you is visiting their site for further detail.

Betting Online With Echeck

echack screenEcheck is a payment method that is in use in the United States, helping to facilitate transfers between players and online sportsbooks providers. In order to use this method, you have to use a U.S. bank account. The security of using well-established banking technology is one major draw for Echeck. Transferring money through an electronic check is also one of the least expensive methods of transferring money online, since it’s done directly through your account.

Changing legislation within the U.S. makes it complicated to enjoy gambling on sports online, with federal and state law each having their own interpretations of the legality of this pursuit. Due to these issues, online gambling activities in certain states results is significant legal danger while other states have less strict laws or at least consider wagering to be in a grey area. 

As such, when in the U.S., you should always consider the local legal stance of sportsbooks that provide you with wagering services, even when using secure, traditional methods such as Echeck.