e-payment standard Sportsbooks

e-payment standard Sportsbooks
  • Standard online payment for Austrian banks.
  • Secure system used by Austria‚Äôs government.
  • Quick, inexpensive payment to sportsbook accounts.

Sportsbooks That Accept e-payment standard

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

In order to take advantage of the trend of online payments, a group of major Austrian banks gathered together to create a new standard for digital transfers in 2013. This gave people who have bank accounts in Austria the chance to have their own system, instead of using a foreign-owned service. Signing up for this service involves have an account at one of more than two dozen of Austria’s largest banks, which then facilitate transfers to your sportsbook of choice. [+]

As the most trusted method of performing online payment transfers in Austria, e-payment standard is used by players and sportsbooks alike. In fact, sportsbooks that accept e-payment standard tend to be the more popular and established services. For all of our payment method profiles, we also include information such as the minimum deposit accepted as well as the basic bonus that the sportsbook offers to their players. Some services even offer rebates and challenge bets with extra odds.

Betting Online With e-payment standard

Similar to other systems that perform digital transfers through direct bank account info, e-payment standard digitalizes long established banking methods to deposit directly into your sportsbook chequing account. The sportsbook is then able to verify the funds and add them to your wagering account. This results in a lightning fast transfer, compared to other online payments that occasionally take a few days to be confirmed.

One of the more convenient features of using online bank transfers such as e-payment standard is the fact that you may be able to set it up in such a way that the sportsbook deposits your winnings directly into your account, avoiding the need to utilize two separate systems to manage wagering activities. Since currency transfer takes place between approved Austrian banks, the exposure of your account information is limited, reducing the odds of encountering fraudulent activity. Nonetheless, you should always perform due diligence to make sure that the sportsbook you’re signed up with is reputable.