Diners Club Sportsbooks

Diners Club Sportsbooks
  • Easy and quick to make an online deposit.
  • Accepted by sportsbooks from around the world.
  • Fees depend on your deal with Diners Club.

Sportsbooks That Accept Diners Club


Players interested in online wagering have been using Diners Club International cards to manage their sportsbook accounts for a long while. Started in 1950, this payment brand based in the United States has spread throughout the globe, with over 30 million businesses that accept Diners Club in 185 different countries. In addition to a physical card, you can also use their mobile app to monitor and control how you connect with online betting sites. [+]

Our widget shows some of the best sportsbooks that accept Diners Club charge cards, focusing on sites that are well-established within the industry. We also give you an idea of the minimum deposits for sportsbooks and the type of bonus you might qualify for when signing up. Take the time to read through the rules and promotions areas of these websites to discover rollovers and other requirements. You might find other special offers like rebates and special bets.


Betting Online With Diners Club

Diners Club SportsbooksUsing credit cards when making a deposit into your wagering account tends to be a relatively simple procedure, although some sportsbooks will implement additional security measures to minimize the chance that a stolen Diners Club is being used for gambling purposes. If you use the card in an area which outlaws online sportsbook gambling, your transaction may be flagged and blocked from going through. Since gambling is a hot button issue, always check if your activities are sanctioned according to local laws.

Typically, after you create an account with the site of your choice and input your digits, all you need to do is wait for the approval, which shouldn’t take long to verify. The fees that you pay depends on the agreement that you’ve made with Diners Club in terms of interest rates and other charges. One of the downsides of using credit cards is the fact that you aren’t able to deposit your winnings back into your bank account, requiring a different method for collecting funds from your sportsbook.