ClickandBuy Sportsbooks

ClickandBuy Sportsbooks
  • Facilitate secure gaming.
  • Fast deposits and low fees.
  • Disconnects financial datas from online deposits.

Sportsbooks That Accept ClickandBuy

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

As of March 30th, 2016, ClickandBuy is halting operations as an online payment system, requesting that their customers transfer their funds back into a bank account or make payments to merchants online. This system was used by players in North America to connect with sportsbooks, previous to changes in law that made that type of wagering activity illegal. Similar to other online payment methods, ClickandBuy facilitated purchased through an eWallet or voucher type of service. [+]

Although ClickandBuy is no longer going to be performing online payment transfers, our website does list a variety of trusted, valid payment method profiles that connect players to their favorite online sportsbooks. In addition to listing trustworthy sites that accept payments, we include minimum deposits and the type of bonus you can expect from online wagering providers. Even through there are no more sportsbooks that accept ClickandBuy, we’re pleased to inform you of other great payment processors.

Betting Online With ClickandBuy

Typically, online eWallets and voucher payment systems are free or inexpensive to sign up for, with fees that vary according to how you use the service. Depending on what you choose, you may find that the sportsbook requires a bigger minimum deposit or has slightly lower fees than using other payment methods. Some online processors only perform payments while other systems allow you to accept payouts from your sportsbook. This eliminates the need to use two separate accounts for your wagering activities.

Often, deposits into ClickandBuy and other systems can be made through a variety of means, including bank wire, direct deposit, credit card and even cash, if a physical location is present to accept to funds. Once a deposit is made the player can then use the eWallet to fill the betting account they create through the online sportsbook of their choice. This helps to promote anonymity by disconnecting your payments from direct use of your credit card and bank account information.