Check Sportsbooks

Check Sportsbooks
  • Accepted by biggest sportsbooks
  • Fast method of transfer
  • All you need is a personal checking account

Canadian Sportsbooks that take Checks

While the corner market may take a check for cookies and milk, Canadian online sports bettors have bigger fish to fry. With many sportsbooks offering e-check as a deposit method, we’ve assembled the helpful list below to help you choose the best of the best when it comes to choosing a home for online gaming that accepts the e-check deposit method.

The online sports betting industry has faced many challenges over the past few years, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the financial department. One deposit and payout method though has stood the test of time – e-checks. As simple as the paper version, e-checks work by sending the amount you wish to deposit to a sportsbook. Once that check clears, your sportsbook account is funded. With most sportsbooks offering low fees for check deposits – and even special bonuses for using it – e-checks are here to stay for online gamers.

Betting Online With Checkscheck deposit screenshot

From the moment that sportsbooks came online in the early 1990’s (boy that sure does seem like a long time ago doesn’t it?), the e-check deposit method quickly established itself as one of the most popular methods for handling financial transactions. There is not a single sportsbook in operation today that at one time or another hasn’t accepted checks as a financial account management method.

Paper and e-checks allow you several big advantages over similar methods. Checks are tied to real funds, so once the check clears your financial institution, the money is placed in your sportsbook account. There will always be a record of the transaction with your bank and with the sportsbook. Best of all, no matter what size player you are, checks can work for you. Deposit check minimums are often as low as $50, while the maximum allowable deposit amount will normally be through a check or e-check. Combine familiarity, ease of use and flexibility and you’ve got one great deposit method!