Bank Wire Sportsbooks

Bank Wire Sportsbooks
  • Service used for more than a century.
  • Sportsbooks usually don’t charge fees.
  • Increased security and banking details privacy.

Sportsbooks That Accept Bank Wire

Despite the fact that bank wires use electronic money transfer technology, financial institutions have been using them since Western Union utilized their telegraph system in 1872 to facilitate these transactions. This service became popular quickly, and has been used for well over a century by wagering enthusiasts betting on horses and other spectator sports. This service is accepted by a multitude of sportsbooks across the world. [+]

While there are plenty of sportsbooks that accept bank wire as a payment method, we only list the sites that are well-established and experienced in providing a smooth wagering experience for their customers. To give you a rough idea of how these sportsbooks tend to operate, we also list the minimum deposit for accounts at these sites, as well as the type of welcome bonus that players can expect. For more details, visit these websites and discover which one works best for how you prefer to wager.

Betting Online With Bank Wire

In order to arrange a bank transfer that deposits money into your sportsbook account, you’ll likely have to contact a service agent to make sure that the entire process goes smoothly. Although the process usually involves passing along the bank account information that initiates the transfer, many sportsbooks will have their own procedure that ensures your financial data isn’t being misused.

Bank wires may be sent from any internationally recognized bank account to another, as long as there’s a valid international bank account number that uses standardized business identifier codes. The bank usually requires at least three business days to finish the transfer, although once the funds have been moved to the sportsbook of your choice, the money is made available immediately in your wagering account.

Since bank account information consists of highly sensitive data that can be used against you in a malicious fashion, you should always make sure that you’ve verified the party receiving your info.