Abaqoos Sportsbooks

Abaqoos Sportsbooks
  • Direct Transfers through Hungarian banks.
  • Secure method of depositing money.
  • Fast and inexpensive service.

Sportsbooks That Accept Abaqoos

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

The Abaqoos method of performing online transfers follows a similar path when compared to other online eWallets that you fill using money transferred from your bank account. This particular service works with the Hungarian banking system, enabling players with accounts registered in large financial institutions to safely play online. Abaqoos refers to their accounts as “vouchers” that may be sent to sportsbooks who use them to fill the wagering pool of a player. [+]

Our list of sportsbooks that accept Abaqoos also includes information about the minimum deposit that you must make with these services, giving you an idea of the type of wagering that the websites supports. We also include the bonus, if any, that a wagering site offers to their members. One of the best aspects of playing on sportsbooks is the fact that some give betting rebates, extra winnings for promotional bets and other boosts that attract new members while rewarding loyal patrons.

Betting Online With Abaqoos

Unlike some online payment services, you can actually arrange for a direct cash transfer to Abaqoos through the bank, as well as setting up a bank transfer into your online payment account. This allows you to avoid exposing your banking information over the internet, which greatly reduces the chance that your account gets hacked. A side benefit of using an eWallet for sportsbooks is the fact that it also helps to maintain your privacy while wagering. In fact, gaming is one of Abaqoos’ largest markets.

Confirmation of funds into Abaqoos often takes five minutes or less, although sportsbooks may take a bit longer to confirm transfers. Another convenience that this service offers is the ability to receive a payout from your voucher, which is a feature that isn’t present on many online payment systems, even ones that involve direct transfers through banking systems. Players should take note that the Abaqoos “wallet” system requires a Hungarian bank account while their voucher system does not.