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The benefits of Betway

  • Place in-play ice hockey games
  • Have fun with soccer team and player props
  • Enjoy enticing MLB baseball double winnings
  • SIGNUP BONUS: $ 200 Bonus

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Betway Sports Review 2022

Are you looking for more options than just your standard betting site? If so, Betway may be the platform for you! Offering a multitude of options, Betway provides options for the casual and serious user. They also allow you to place wagers on live games with pinpoint accuracy. Betway offers competitive rates as well! Read on to find out more! 

Betway Games Today

  • Ice Hockey
  • American Football
  • Basketballl
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Place in-play ice hockey games
  • Have fun with soccer team and player props
  • Enjoy enticing MLB baseball double winnings
  • Beware of frequent sessions expiring
Betway Welcome Bonus
$200 Bonus

Betway will match your first deposit 100%! This exclusive offer is available up to $300 and only to new Canadian customers. Lucky you, eh!

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Betway Sports Canada

Betway offers both standard wagers and live game wagers. This allows users to not only bet in advance, but also to follow the action live and wager on game-specific details. Also, look out for special bonuses for specific sports! You never know when you’ll be given better odds!

  • Betway Ice Hockey Games

    Betway has a ton of options for ice hockey! The bookie accepts bets in advance, like for next year’s season, and offers in-play betting on love games.

    You can bet outright for the winner in all four divisions. This includes the Atlantic, Central, Metropolitan and Pacific Divisions. Likewise, you can bet outright for the winners of the Eastern and Western Conference. You can also bet outright for the winner of the Stanley Cup and, of course, on individual games throughout the regular and postseason.

    If the NHL is not your scene, Betway offers betting in World Championships like the U20, KHL and SHL. You can bet outright for the winner of the U20 2018 World Championships, the KHL 2018 Playoff winner and the SHL 2018 playoff winner. You can also bet on games during the season, and on live games (who will win, handicap, final score,…).

    Lastly, they have a coupon tab that offers very interesting opportunities. You can bet on daily ice hockey matches, North American and Euro elites fixtures. The odds for each league and category differ. For example, betting outright for an NHL team to win the odds vary from 3.5 to 31. The odds are similar for divisions and conferences winners.

  • Betway Football Games

    For those that love the tackling, passing and strategy behind American football, Betway has options for you! On the site users can place wagers on the CFL, NFL and NCAAF.

    This sportsbook offers users the chance to explore NFL teams and players as well as seasonal special wagers. Here players can explore options like what team will go 16-0 in the season, split 8-8 or which teams will have a positive or negative win ratio. 

    Betway also users teams the chance to bet live with their in-play feature. You can bet on many factors like who will win and by what score among other options. This is great for players who want to follow along while their favourite teams are going at it! 

    The odds for betting on American football vary on the category and game. For in-play betting, points spreads and total points over/under hover around 1.83 while the money line is dependent on the team, but carries between 1.55 and up.

  • Betway Basketball Games

    Just like their other games, Betway offers a variety of leagues that users can explore. For basketball fans, Betway offers bets to be placed in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Italy, Philipines, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

    Betway also offers users to place bets on international functions like the Friendlies U20.

    For those interested in more intricate wagers, Betway also offers users the chance to place bets on the NBA draft special. Specifically, users can wager on player’s draft positions and overall number one pick. This is only available in the draft season, however. 

    Betway also offers coupons like daily basketball games, handicaps, and total points. These are convenient for players who want to place bets on those specific variants. 

    Betway also features in-play betting. This allows users to access live games to place bets. Some parameters include win/loss, handicap, and final score. 

    Some examples of odds of the in-play bets are “winners”, which depends on the team but can range from 1 up. For most other categories, odds range between 1.69- 2.

  • Betway Baseball Games

    Take me out to the ball game! Or, just take me to Betway! Betway offers users the chance to place wagers on games in the MLB and offers special MLB season wagers. Some of these wagers include bets like regular season player to hit the most home runs. 

    The odds for many baseball wagers on Betway hover between 1.9 and 2.5 depending on the game. The odds for teams are reflective of their performance during the year.

    In addition to the MLB, Betway allows its users to best on the Triple-A international league, Triple-A Pacific coast league and the South Korean KBO league. 

    From time to time, Betway runs promotions on various sports. Recently, Betway put a boost on odds for a Blue Jays, Mariners and Dodgers to win. It was 4.00, but they raised it to 4.50. Betway also offers MLB double winnings. If the team you support wins by more than five runs, the book will double your winnings through a free bet of up to $50.

  • Betway Soccer Games

    Betway has a massive selection of football circuits to play in. They offer best in European major championships, Major League Soccer as well as international tournaments.

    In addition to those, they also offer team specials for well renown teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid and others! What’s unique at Betway is that they also have enticing player specials.

    They offer in in-play betting as well. This allows users to follow along live and make dynamic wagers depending on the gameplay. There people can place bets on things like handicaps, win/draw, total goals and the correct final score. 

    For in-play wagers, the odds vary between 1.5 and 3 depending on the category. For wagers like win/draw/ win and total goals, the wagers hover between 2.5 and 9. 

    Betway also features coupons like daily football matches, both teams to score, over/under 2.5 goals and match winner and both teams to score. They also have clear categories for Asia & Oceania games and well as for games in The Americas.

Betway Canada

In general, Betway has a lot to offer to its Canadian customers. First, their 100% match bonus offers an incentive to join. Though that incentive is only valid up to $100, the incentive is there. 

Next, Betway also offers users the ability to enroll in the "Free Bet Club." This is a promise by Betway to provide their user $10 in free bets every week if you spend $25 on any sports.

To be more specific, if you bet $25 or more on any combination of bets, either $25 on one or $1 on 25, Betway will give you $10 in free bets. With this comes a caveat that the bets need to reach an outcome within the week they are placed. This means that is you place a bet this week that will finish next week, it does not count towards this week's bonus. Yet, for those who regularly spend more than $25 a week, this is surely a good option. 

Betway's in-play system is very interesting. It provides a way for users to not only follow along with their favourite sports and games but also allows them to wager on specific elements. For those that are dedicated and knowledgeable about a sport and teams, this seems to be an incredible option. Sign in today and keep your eyes peeled for dynamic bonuses.

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Betway Welcome Bonus $ 200 Bonus

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