Canada Sportsbook Reviews

It used to be that Canadians looking for online wagering excitement had to give their hard earned dollars towards a provincially controlled betting service that left to be desired when it came to the betting options available. With more and more websites opening up to Canadian gamers, we’ve examined all the websites and come up with our list of sportsbooks worthy of your support.

Sportsbook Website Reviews

Our extensive research is conducted by our team of industry experts, sports handicappers, former sports book employees and VIP managers. Examining key criteria, we’ve assembled the list below of sportsbooks which we’re proud to endorse. While each has its unique strengths, all provide a baseline of good gaming action with enticing perks, bonuses and betting options. Check out the following pages for a good roundup of options available for Canadian bettors.

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Online Sportsbook Wagering

Maybe it’s because of the Leafs-Canadians rivalry, but for some reason or another, Canadians love to bet on sports. The growth of the online sports betting industry is a testament to that fact, with hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands each year. While NHL hockey does get a lot of the attention, we are increasingly betting on American sports such as the NFL, College Football, NBA Basketball and MLB diamond action.

Las Vegas Style Casino Gambling

The thrill of Vegas (or Kahnawake) can now be found at any number of online casino wagering websites. Choosing the right one however can be a difficult matter. We’ve reviewed over 50 major sportsbooks that offer casino play and chosen the ones that we feel do the best job of combining reliability, promotions, selection and most importantly fun!

Poker Room Card Playing Options

Ever since the poster boy for Canadian poker players, Daniel Negreanu, won the World Series of Poker, thousands upon thousands of web based poker players from across Canada have sought to join the championship ranks. With great sign-up bonuses and lively, competitive action, our list of recommended sportsbooks can help provide that springboard for poker success.

Offshore Racebook Horse Handicapping

With dozens of marquee racetracks across Canada, the horse racing community has transitioned nicely from the brick-and-mortar buildings that our grandfathers took us to, to Internet gambling websites, where the action is fast and furious – and profitable. Sportsbooks in Canada now offer more and more tracks, with great rebates, wagering options and signup bonuses, whether you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby or the local racetrack.

Betting Account Payment Methods

As anyone who’s ever had to deal with the municipal government can attest to, there are a lot of regulations and rules in this country. Nowhere is this more evident than in the banking industry. Our list of recommended sportsbooks however all preform due diligence in offering approved and trustworthy financial services for their members, including many having access to debit and credit cards.