Canada Sportsbook Reviews

With the advancements in technology, mediocre provincially controlled sports betting services and the globalization of sports, Canadians are turning to online sportsbooks for their betting needs. With dozens of websites available, picking a good one is no easy task. Luckily, through extensive research, the best online sportsbooks for Canadians can be found on this website. 

Sportsbook Website Reviews

Finding a quality online sportsbook is not nearly as easy as it would seem. Using a crew of industry experts and narrowing in on specific characteristics, the best sportsbooks for Canadians are available below. Depending on an individual bettors preference is a significant factor in picking an option. Some sportsbook offers better odds without bonuses or much customer service. Others focus on presentation but may lack in wagering options. The best sportsbooks for Canadians provide a great mixture of everything, as they know the competition is fierce, and providing Canadians with a great product and service is essential for success in the industry.  


Sportsbook Rating Criteria

Picking a good sportsbook demands a quality rating system. There is much to take into account when selecting a sportsbook. Depending on personal preference may determine which factors weight heaviest into an individual’s decision, but overall the criteria below are generally the most sought-after aspects Canadians search for in an online sportsbook.


Easily the most important aspect of any online sportsbook is the quality of the odds and the selection of wagering options. Many Canadians are turning away from their provincial betting services because the best online sportsbooks offer thousands of more events, provide better odds and the give the ability to wager on a single game.

The best options for Canadians offer odds, not just on the major North American sports leagues and events, but on many other sporting events from across the globe. Through their skilled teams of linemakers, the top options offer timely and competitive odds with many offering alternative spreads, game totals and plenty of futures and season props.


As mentioned earlier, Canadians enjoy having a variety of choices, and the best online sportsbooks do offer not only a variety of wagering options but also multiple ways to deposit and withdraw money. With secure and reliable services, the top online sportsbooks invest in their financial services to ensure Canadians do not need to worry about anything when making online transactions.


Reliable customer service is always a positive when picking an online sportsbook. Some of the best in the field offer live chat support, 24-hour toll-free numbers and targeted email services. Whether a question is about betting and odds or a problem surrounding payouts, the top sportsbooks for Canadians have a dedicated team to help all their customers.


Despite all the improvement in odds and the advent of live betting, many sportsbooks are lagging behind in their sites appearance and ease of use. While some bettors prefer an older look with large amounts of odds present at one time, the best options now have attractive interfaces with easy to navigate sites and a homepage dedicated to the biggest current sporting events.


As life is hectic and people are often on the go, a quality mobile experience is another aspect to consider when picking an online sportsbook. The top websites often offer a comparable mobile experience. While some may scale back what is visible on their web pages, the best mobile sites provide everything from making withdrawals and deposits, to live betting and every wagering option available on their standard website.


One final aspect when finally picking a sportsbook is the signup bonus and other rewards. Many top-rated options offer bettors initial bonuses for signing up, often matching their first deposit up to 100%. For many, getting some free cash to play around with makes the experience more enjoyable and allows for bettors to truly experience all the site has to offer. Friend referral bonuses, free contests and other incentives are available and help differentiate sites from the competition. 


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