Sports Betting in British Columbia 2022

The largest market in Western-Canada, British Columbia is covered in majestic mountains, sandy shores and temperate weather. Even with all the beautiful scenery, British Columbians take time out of their busy schedules to watch and play plenty of sports. Home to the Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions and the most recent province to host an Olympics, British Columbia is a great sports province. With its close proximity to Seattle, many are also Seattle Seahawks fans or travel to see the Toronto Blue Jays when they take on the Seattle Mariners.

The West-Coast lifestyle is often associated with being laidback and easy-going. That comes even with the terrible sports betting service provided by the province. Why not check out one of the online sportsbooks above. With better odds, great mobile sites and single-bet options, choosing an online sportsbook is the best option for those who want to keep things easy and fun. 

*Please note that William Hill is currently unavailable to players in British Columbia.

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission

As British Columbia is a popular tourist destination, the province is home to 17 casinos, ranging in size and quality. The most extensive casino in the province is The River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond (part of Metro Vancouver). The casinos and lotteries in the region and run and regulated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

The lotteries in the province are available in physical form or can be purchased online. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (or BCLC) also runs the provincial betting service called Sports Action PlayNow. Playnow also is British Columbia’s online lottery retailer and provides online casinos. 

PlayNow Review

Somewhere between progressive and outdated is the perfect place to put PlayNow. PlayNow allowed bettors to place bets on non-sport events such the 2016 United States presidential election. However, due to the British Columbian interpretation of the criminal code, they still do not allow wagers on races and fights. Simply lacking those two options hurts PlayNow.

There are other reasons not to use PlayNow as your sports betting service. PlayNow does not allow single-bet options, has mediocre odds and has arguably the worst sports selection in Canada. Live betting and unique events are not enough to redeem this service.

Better Alternatives For British Columbia 

Considering the top online sportsbooks for British Columbia offer all the unique bets and live betting that PlayNow offers, plus it includes the option to place single bets and wager on races and fights, it is obvious why many are now turning away from PlayNow.

The best online option for British Columbia is Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction is a dedicated Canadian online sportsbook. The odds and event selection on Sports Interaction is vastly superior to what is available from PlayNow. Plus signup bonuses and friend referral promotions give bettors extra cash (a definite plus if you are living downtown Vancouver). 

Sports Interaction's excellent mobile site makes betting on the go a breeze. Whether you are hitting the slopes, relaxing on the beach or enjoying a night out, Sports Interaction's mobile betting option has you covered no matter the occasion. 

Even though William Hill is not available in British Columbia, there are still multiple options that are superior to PlayNow. Although it does not have the same grasp of the Canadian market that Sports Interactions. For bettors on the go, Bet365 is a great option. Bet365 offers its users free streaming, meaning they can catch a range of events right on their laptop or cellphone. Consider these sportsbooks over PlayNow.