MLS Standings

Updates for the MLS standings take place after every matchday. Comparing the record of eastern and western conference teams before betting on them increases the accuracy of your wager. You'll also be able to find offensive and defensive stats on this part of the site.


Betting On MLS Soccer

The MLS has changed drastically over the past two decades, becoming a truly international league in the process. A designated player rule that altered the salary cap structure in 2007 allowed teams to lure international stars to the league, greatly improving the level of play.

This also had the effect of sparking further expansion, as a total of thirteen additional teams will compete by the time 2020 rolls around. Historically, the MLS betting has been dominated by western conference teams, who have won more than 80% of the MLS Cups since the year 2000.

Evidence of a higher level of play in the west includes the fact that the Supporters' Shield was won by east teams nine times during this era, showing that eastern powers have an easier time earning points during the regular season. With the addition of Minnesota, Atlanta, Miami and a second Los Angeles team over the next few years, the competitive landscape will continue to change. With the rise of NYC FC, the New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC, there's little chance that the west will continue to win eight out of ten MLS Cups in the future.

The home field advantage experienced by MLS teams is another aspect that fans should consider before they place a wager. Win rates for home sides tend to be roughly double the winning percentage of teams which play on the road, far exceeding the home advantage experienced in the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL. This trend sharpens during the playoffs, resulting in a winning ratio that exceeds 70% for home teams playing in the MLS Cup.

Another difficulty facing wagering fans is the fact that MLS matches can end in a draw game. For those proficient at predicting draws, the profit potential is significant. However, for casual betting fans who want to add a bit of spice to the action, choosing between three outcomes instead of two reduces the chance that their bet will win.