Team Canada Hockey Betting Lines

Team Canada is the superpower of international ice hockey. The national team was founded in 1963 and first adopted the familiar nickname during the 1972 Summit Series. As a team, they have amassed the most Olympic gold medals with nine (and three of the last four Olympics) on top of being 26-time IIHF World Champions and the last team to win the World Cup of Hockey in 2004. Canada is part of the “Big Six” of elite men’s ice hockey nations. [+]

They are favorites in almost every tournament and are the most popular betting option. It’s championship or bust for these Canucks.

Canada Hockey Betting Lines Today

This is the latest for the Canadian Hockey Team with the betting odds. The game’s start time is indicated and past and future games can be viewed using the arrows on the side. 

Hockey World Cup
Friday 08 May

Germany @ Canada


Odds are not currently available for this game.

Canada Schedule And Games Result

This table that gives you a track record on how Team Canada is doing in the Olympics and World Cup of Hockey. Betting odds are listed to the side. Bookmark this page to keep track. 

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
February 2018 (3)
Wed 21 Finland 0 - 1 Canada +120 +100 Odds
Fri 23 Germany 4 - 3 Canada +430 -500 Odds
Sat 24 FS 3rd pl. Canada 6 - 4 Czech Republic -110 -105 Odds
May 2020 (7)
Fri 8 Germany 10:20 Canada
Sun 10 Denmark 10:20 Canada
Mon 11 Canada 10:20 Czech Republic
Wed 13 Belarus 14:20 Canada
Fri 15 Canada 14:20 Great Britain
Sat 16 Sweden 10:20 Canada
Tue 19 Canada 06:20 Slovakia

Canada Hockey Standings

Here is a look on how Team Canada ranks in the group stage. You can also view the other group here. “GF” (goals for) and “GA” (goals against) measure how competitive a team is.

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Olympic Games
Olympic Games
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# team pts P W L GF GA
1 Czech Republic Czech Republic 8 3 2 0 9 4
2 Canada Canada 7 3 2 0 11 4
3 Switzerland Switzerland 3 3 1 2 10 9
4 South Korea South Korea 0 3 0 3 1 14
1 Slovenia Slovenia 4 3 0 1 8 12
2 USA USA 4 3 1 1 4 8
3 Slovakia Slovakia 4 3 1 1 6 7
1 Sweden Sweden 9 3 3 0 8 1
2 Finland Finland 6 3 2 1 11 6
3 Germany Germany 2 3 0 2 4 7
4 Norway Norway 1 3 0 2 2 11

Betting On The Canada Hockey Team

There’s plenty of chances to bet on Team Canada during the tournament. The standard There’s plenty of chances to bet on Team Canada. The standard way is to bet them straight on the money line. Canada’s odds manifest as a plus or minus number. Plus means they are an underdog and you get a bigger return on your bet. +120 for example means you win $120 on a $100 bet. The minus indicates Canada is a favorite and you need to spend more on them. A -200 betting line indicates you need to bet $200 to win back $100.

Canada easily has the best crop of centers in the whole tournament. When MVP-caliber stars like Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews are anchoring the middle, it’s tough to find weakness. Many of Canada’s centers like Steven Stamkos will likely shift to a wing position. The entire forward corps with the exception of one or two players are all capable of generating points at a first-line rate. This will be a prolific group of all-stars.

Team Canada’s defensive corps are also among the best. Led by the likes of Shea Weber and Duncan Keith, Canada has pairs of all-star veterans patrolling the blue line. They are not only capable of stopping pucks but generate scoring chances as well. Their last line of defense will have MVP Carey Price and 2016 NHL wins leader, Braden Holtby as their goalies.

Because of Canada’s reputation as the favorite, betting them straight is expensive. To alleviate this, you can try playing the point spread. Here, you get to bet on Canada at even prices. But Canada is handicapped points they have to “cover”. If Canada has -1.5, it means they have to win by 2 or more goals. This is riskier but more lucrative.