Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Lines

After a physically demanding and mentality exhausting regular the season, the National Hockey League cranks it up to 11 with a near two-month gauntlet known as the NHL Playoffs. With 16 teams qualifying, Stanley Cup Playoff betting lines are plentiful at the start and become tighter and more thrilling as the rounds progress. Since the NHL adopted a salary cap in 2005 we have seen top tier playoff action, from the creation of a Chicago Blackhawks dynasty to a eighth seeded Los Angeles Kings pulling off some big upsets to win it all. 

Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Lines Today

With four rounds of playoff action, it can be easy to lose track of what is going on. That’s alright because we have all the latest updated NHL Stanley Cup Playoff betting lines for today’s game right here, with links to our top recommended bookmakers below.

playoff - week-3
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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 23 April
FT Boston Bruins 1 - 3 Toronto Maple Leafs -120 +109
FT Washington Capitals 6 - 3 Jackets +105 -109
Wednesday 25 April
FT Toronto Maple Leafs 4 - 7 Boston Bruins +155 -164
Thursday 26 April
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 2 Washington Capitals +111 -119
FT San Jose Sharks 0 - 7 Knights +146 -135
Friday 27 April
FT Winnipeg Jets 4 - 1 Nashville Predators +145 -154
Saturday 28 April
FT Boston Bruins 6 - 2 Tampa Bay Lightning +151 -159
AOT San Jose Sharks 4 - 3 Knights +165 -169
Sunday 29 April
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 1 - 4 Washington Capitals +133 -133
AOT Winnipeg Jets 4 - 5 Nashville Predators +170 -185

Sportsbook Bonus To Bet On Stanley Cup Playoffs

As the National Hockey League began expanding in 1967, the NHL playoffs have become one of the sporting world’s best competitions, full of shocking upsets and historic runs. From Wayne Gretzky’s Edmonton Oilers in 1980 winning four cups in five years – and reshaping the hockey landscape – to the consistent appearances of Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins – bettors can expect one thing from the Stanley Cup Playoffs…excitement!

Many NHL franchises have yet to capture a Stanley Cup, but that does not mean bettors should avoid a good Cinderella story. From the Carolina Hurricanes hoisting the Cup in 2006 to the Los Angeles Kings miracle run in 2012, no team should be counted out once the postseason bonanza begins in the early spring. Speaking of counting a team out, though rare, the NHL has a handful of occurrences where a team is down three games to none and has come back to win four straight and steal the series right out from under their opponent. It may be rare, but when it does happen it leaves the hockey world in awe. 

During each series it is important to consider many aspects to be successful. Home ice advantage, style of play, momentum and historic game data all help bettors make better betting decisions.  Some sites give bettors the option to not just pick individual games but series and the whole playoff bracket.

If bettors are feeling single game action is not enough during the postseason, there are options out there to pick entire series or make a playoff bracket – picking the winners from each round. As the playoffs run deeper, bettors can expect to find additional prop bets to increase the number of available betting options and make the games that much more entertaining.