Stanley Cup Final

After three rounds of Conference action, the top twos of the Nation Hockey League meet for a historic seven game series for the Stanley Cup. From superstar players scoring unbelievable goals to scrappy underdog proving naysayers wrong, the Stanley Cup finals has created some of the hockey world’s biggest moments. Even if you are not a fan of either team, Stanley Cup Finals betting lines can make every game exciting and meaningful.

Stanley Cup Final Betting Lines Today

With over 100 years of history, Stanley Cup betting lines have evolved and expanded, giving bettors a great variety of options. Below we have the best money lines and links to our top rated sportsbooks for Hockey’s biggest games.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 13 November
FT Dallas Stars 1 - 5 Carolina Hurricanes +110 -132 Odds
FT St. Louis Blues 4 - 7 Calgary Flames -111 -111 Odds
Tuesday 14 November
AOT Buffalo Sabres 4 - 5 Pittsburgh Penguins +205 -250 Odds
AOT Jackets 2 - 1 Montreal Canadiens -105 -116 Odds
PEN Dallas Stars 3 - 4 Florida Panthers +110 -132 Odds
FT Washington Capitals 3 - 6 Nashville Predators +120 -141 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 0 - 3 Minnesota Wild +130 -152 Odds
FT Arizona Coyotes 1 - 4 Winnipeg Jets +170 -200 Odds
FT Vancouver Canucks 3 - 2 Los Angeles Kings +155 -175 Odds
Wednesday 15 November
Calgary Flames 19:30 Detroit Red Wings -105 -105 Odds
New York Rangers 20:00 Chicago Blackhawks +121 -125 Odds
Boston Bruins 22:00 Anaheim Ducks +105 -110 Odds
Thursday 16 November
New Jersey Devils 19:00 Toronto Maple Leafs
Carolina Hurricanes 19:00 New York Islanders +118 -130 Odds
Arizona Coyotes 19:30 Montreal Canadiens +162 -179 Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins 19:30 Ottawa Senators -110 +100 Odds
Dallas Stars 19:30 Tampa Bay Lightning +148 -164 Odds
Nashville Predators 20:00 Minnesota Wild +113 -125 Odds
Philadelphia Flyers 20:00 Winnipeg Jets +122 -135 Odds
Washington Capitals 21:00 Colorado Avalanche -125 +113 Odds
St. Louis Blues 21:00 Edmonton Oilers +100 -110 Odds
Florida Panthers 22:30 San Jose Sharks +140 -154 Odds
Boston Bruins 22:30 Los Angeles Kings
Friday 17 November
New York Rangers 19:00 Jackets
Buffalo Sabres 19:30 Detroit Red Wings
Saturday 18 November
Calgary Flames 13:00 Philadelphia Flyers
Edmonton Oilers 14:00 Dallas Stars
Arizona Coyotes 14:00 Ottawa Senators
New Jersey Devils 15:00 Winnipeg Jets
Florida Panthers 16:00 Los Angeles Kings
Carolina Hurricanes 19:00 Buffalo Sabres
Toronto Maple Leafs 19:00 Montreal Canadiens
New York Islanders 19:00 Tampa Bay Lightning
Chicago Blackhawks 19:00 Pittsburgh Penguins
Minnesota Wild 19:30 Washington Capitals
Colorado Avalanche 20:00 Nashville Predators
St. Louis Blues 22:00 Vancouver Canucks
Boston Bruins 22:30 San Jose Sharks
Sunday 19 November
New York Islanders 17:00 Carolina Hurricanes
Colorado Avalanche 18:00 Detroit Red Wings
Ottawa Senators 19:00 New York Rangers
Florida Panthers 20:00 Anaheim Ducks

Sportsbook Bonus To Bet On Stanley Cup Final

From the early days where the NHL featured only six teams and players like Maurice “Rocket” Richard were helping to shape the hockey landscape for decades to come, the Stanley Cup has consistently remained one of sport’s most coveted trophies. Once the top team from each conference makes the Stanley Cup, the hockey world shifts nearly all its focus to the illustrious seven game series, dissecting every simple detail and building it into a global event.  

Now with 30 teams and three Conference rounds before even reaching the finals, the Stanley Cup is considerably harder to win and an even bigger accomplishment. Many teams are still searching for their first Stanley Cup title, while the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks already have multiple wins this decade.

The great history of the Stanley Cup is highlighted by many great dynasties. The first dynasty is offered quoted as being the Montreal Canadiens in the 1950s. Even after the league began expanding in 1967, the NHL still had its far share of dynasties – including two in the 1980s. The start of the decade was headlined by the New York Islanders and their four straight Stanley Cups. Then in 1985, the Edmonton Oilers and the dream pairing of Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier went on to win four Cups in five years. Since the league enacted a salary cap in 2005, there has not been a repeat champion. Still with the improved level of league parity and competition, the Chicago Blackhawks winning 3 Cups in 5 years is just as – if not more – impressive.

Now with the internet becoming so prominent, betting options on the Stanley Cup Finals are bigger and better than ever before. With options to bet on game and player props becoming more and more popular, you can enjoy nearly every aspect of the game on a whole new level. Some player props include who will score the game winning goal to over/under on total shots a player will take. Look for these extra betting options to make your Stanley Cup betting experience one for the history books.