In this day and age the Edmonton Oilers franchise is known for two things: Being the home of Wayne Gretzky and one of the greatest dynasties in sports we've ever seen during the 1980's; and being basement dwellers on a yearly basis since 2008 and winning #1 overall draft picks at an absurd rate. One would think that getting the first overall pick four times in a six-year span from 2010-2015 would have this Oilers team on the verge of another dynasty, but that simply isn't the case. [+]

Management has missed on a few picks and the players haven't gelled together, as the promise of a brighter future feels like lip service to Edmonton fans now. Edmonton Oilers betting lines are still popular at sportsbooks with smart bettors searching out the right spots to back this youthful team.

Edmonton Oilers Betting Lines Today

You can find Edmonton Oilers betting lines today in the box below. It lists the moneyline prices bettors would have to lay to back the Oilers and will be updated with the game's result afterwards.

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The Oilers hope to field a winning team soon, but as bettors you can find great betting spots during the year simply by knowing the schedule. Below is the Edmonton Oilers schedule and results for this year to keep you informed.

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Edmonton Oilers Standings Conference

Since 2010 the Oilers have frequented the bottom of the standings but that won't always be the case. To see where the Edmonton Oilers sit in the standings this year check the chart below.

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Betting On The Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers won four Stanley Cups in a five-year span with Gretzky at the helm in the mid-80's. 20+ years later they end up with four #1 draft picks in a six-year span. That irony is not lost on Edmonton fans or bettors as this franchise just hasn't been able to put it all together since making the Stanley Cup Finals as a #8 seed in 2006.

The message of brighter days wore thin, but being able to get a generational talent like Connor McDavid #1 overall in 2015 has brought back hope.

McDavid has drawn comparisons to the likes of Gretzky and the game's other greats and should be a dominant player in this league for the foreseeable future. A regime change in management for the Oilers occurred at the same time and all that talk of building another dynasty in Edmonton has some weight again.

NHL bettors may not be as quick to jump on board with the Oilers still having a very young core and needing to go through their early-career bumps in the league. However, as long as McDavid is in the mix, management will do everything they can to put the proper pieces around him to build a winner. It has been said before, but the future for the Edmonton Oilers is bright again.