The Toronto Maple Leafs are considered the “biggest” franchise in the entire NHL as they play in the most populous city in the most hockey-mad country. Since the first NHL expansion in the late 1960's it's common knowledge that when the Leafs are doing well, the entire league is finacially doing well too. Yet, the Leafs haven't been able to win the Stanley Cup since that same expansion took place, and some miserable years by this franchise really have hurt the league as a whole. [+]

As an NHL bettor there are two important takeaways from this knowledge: The first is that Toronto Maple Leafs betting lines can be a touch inflated given the team's enormous popularity regardless of their results. Second, if the Leafs bring an influx of money to the rest of the league when they are doing well, there is no reason they can't do the same for you and your betting account.

Toronto Maple Leafs Betting Lines Today

Toronto Maple Leafs betting lines today can be easily found at all sportsbooks. As the NHL's most popular team, sportsbooks have to offer plenty of betting options on all Leafs games. You can find the odds for Toronto's next game below.

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Going through the Toronto Maple Leafs schedule and results is a good place to start your handicapping. Check to see Toronto's upcoming schedule below and look for prime spots to play on or against the Leafs.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Standings Conference

The Toronto Maple Leafs have plenty of rivals and competition in the Eastern Conference standings, so it's important to know exactly where they sit in those standings as the year goes on. You can view this year's standings below.

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Betting On The Toronto Maple Leafs

As an Original Six franchise, Toronto has seen many Hall-of-Fame players dawn the Maple Leaf jersey. But a good 75% of today's fan base – all those under 50 years of age – have not experienced what it feels like to see their team win the Stanley Cup.

Being the league's most popular team and counted on by the league to be successful on a yearly basis, the pressure of playing in the league's biggest and most scrutinized market has eaten away at countless Toronto Maple Leafs players since 1967.

After some very successful years in the early 90's and early 2000's, the Leafs have been in a perpetual state of flux since then. Some years they've tried to bring in high-priced free agent talent to achieve success, and other years have them looking to get younger and rebuild.

The latter is where this organization is at the moment, bringing in proven winners from other organizations like GM Shanahan and coach Babcock in 2015 to turn this thing around. It's only a matter of time before this proud organization becomes a major player in the Stanley Cup chase again and your betting bankroll can't afford to be left behind when that happens.