The Winnipeg Jets have what some would call a tumultuous history with the NHL. They joined the NHL from the WHA in 1979 following the collapse of the latter league, and then were moved to Phoenix for the 1996 season. The city was without an NHL team for 15 years before the Atlanta Thrashers were sold to a Winnipeg ownership group ins 2011 and were relocated and renamed the Winnipeg Jets. After all that turmoil, it appears that hockey in Winnipeg is here to stay... And our recommended sportsbooks heard the news. [+]

The Jets have a large and loud fanbase in the city that will support the Jets through thick and thin because the fans do not want to experience losing their franchise again. With that kind of support, Winnipeg Jets betting lines can be sought after investments, especially at home, because visiting teams always have a tough time playing there.

Winnipeg Jets Betting Lines Today

To find today's Winnipeg Jets betting lines for their next game, check the chart below. It lists the moneyline prices for Winnipeg and their opponent and will update with the final result so you can keep tabs on your wagers.

My Team's Next MatchWinnipeg Jets

Digging deep into the Winnipeg Jets schedule and results is a good way to plan your next betting move. It might be back-to-back games for the Jets, or Winnipeg welcoming a tired opponent into their loud arena. Either scenario holds it's advantages to bet for or against the Jets and knowing when they arise is important.

Results / FixturesWinnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets Standings Conference

Another important betting tool is determining where the Winnipeg Jets sit in the standings relative to their next opponent. You can see where the Jets sit in this year's standings in the chart below.

StandingsWinnipeg Jets

Betting On The Winnipeg Jets

With all the moving around and relocating this franchise has done in its past, it was tough to really lock down tremendous support for the Jets as an unbiased bettor. There have been some big names like Bobby Hull and Shane Doan who've worn the Jets jersey before, but team success hasn't really come on a consistent basis for this organization.

The “new” version of the Jets had a long rebuilding and retooling process in front of them when they took over the Atlanta franchise in 2011. But, the large amount of support the team and city has gotten from their fans since returning has helped speed that process up. Winnipeg is one of the smaller Canadian markets in NHL terms and signing big money free agents each offseason will always be tough for Winnipeg.

However, this team really turned a corner in the 2014-15 season, making the playoffs when nobody expected them too as their youthful core really started to mature. Whether or not that talent continues to blossom in the coming years remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, Winnipeg Jets betting lines won't be coming off the board of sportsbooks any time soon.