Vancouver became world-famous outside of the hockey world in 2011 when a loss to Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals sparked a city-wide riot for hours. Footage of the riot made headlines all across the world with many in disbelief that a city would inflict such damage on itself over a hockey game, but it goes to show you just how passionate Vancouver fans are. Taking the Canucks betting lines that year worked out really well for bettors as they were one of the best teams in the league, racking up plenty of victories. [+]

The end of the year might have turned into a nightmare, but Canucks fans and bettors still have hope for the future.

Vancouver Canucks Betting Lines Today

Finding Canucks betting lines today is simple as they are offered at every sportsbook that puts up NHL lines. We've done the legwork for you though as the moneyline odds for Vancouver's next game are listed below.

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Tracking the Vancouver Canucks schedule and results all year will aid you in your betting decisions. Looking for things like long road trips, back-to-back games, three games in four nights, and long homestands are scheduling spots every bettor makes note of each year.

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Vancouver Canucks Standings Conference

Based on where the Vancouver Canucks sit in the Western Conference standings at a given point in the year could mean that they are in a “must-win” spot or facing a top-tier team that will give them trouble. Know where they stand at all times by checking the box below.

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Betting On The Vancouver Canucks

The Game 7 loss that sparked the Stanley Cup riot in 2011 wasn't the first time that it happened in Vancouver. The franchise's only other Stanley Cup Final appearance (1994) resulted in losing Game 7 as well and sparked the first hockey-born riot the city saw. Repeated events like that make you question if the Canucks getting back to the Stanley Cup Final is actually a good thing for the city...

Getting back to that point is always the goal for the Canucks and with the dynamic Sedin twins getting to the latter stages of their careers, a youth movement has taken place in Vancouver in recent years. New faces like Bo Horvat, Jared McCann, and Jake Virtanen will be the ones to push this franchise forward and with any young team in the NHL, bettors will be able to find great betting spots to back the Canucks each year.

As long as you keep up with the Canucks schedule and potential fatigue spots, analyze the moneyline prices, and pick the right spots to jump on board the Vancouver Canucks betting lines, growing your betting bankroll will be the end result.