NHL Betting Lines

With a long history, storied rivalries and strong Canadian content, the National Hockey League is one of North American’s premier sports leagues. With a regular season stretching from the beginning of October until early April, the NHL offers plenty of betting lines each and every day in between. Once the season ends, things really heat-up as the NHL embarks on a grueling 4 round playoff battle that lasts for nearly two months wrapping up just before the start of summer.

NHL Betting Lines Today

With games nearly every day the NHL presents a great variety of betting options, from money lines and over/under betting to futures prices and even player and team props. By checking this page you’ll find the best betting options each and every day throughout the regular season and playoffs. 

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NHL Standings

Seeing the whole picture with updated stats helps make bettors smarter and more informed. With 82 games a season, there is plenty to pay attention to everyday. Look no further than below these lines for the updated National Hockey League’s stats and standings. 


As the oldest franchises in the Nation Hockey League are starting to hit the century mark in age and with the heaviest championship trophy in the world, the NHL is as respected and historic a sporting league as any in the world. With league play shutting down for the summer; bettors still have future prices for the upcoming season – ranging from who will win their division to who will be crowned Stanley Cup championship in the coming year.

As one of North American’s major sport leagues, betting on the National Hockey League is a year round event, with a wide variety of options. Once the playoffs have ended and a Stanley Cup champion is crowned, bettors are presented with a wealth of future prices for the upcoming season. Keeping up with these prices is important as the draft and free agency can have a sharp impact on the lines.

Once the season begins, bettors have some great variety when it comes to betting on the NHL. This includes money lines, puck lines and over/under betting. Over/under betting gives bettors the option to predict how many goals will be scored in the game. Most lines hover around 5.5, rarely falling below 5 and going above 6. When uncertain on who will win, but confident that a game is going to be a tight affair or a shootout, betting over/under can be the best option available.

Money and puck lines are the most popular methods of hockey wagering. Money lines give the amount of money that is won when $100 is bet on that team – this team is the underdog – and how much money must be bet to win $100 – this team is the favourite. Puck line let bettors get bigger payouts but adding a spread to the money line. If Tampa Bay Lightning are a +190 favourite over the Toronto Maple Leafs, a puck line of -1.5/+125 means a bettor needs to only wager $125 dollars to win $100. Of course if Tampa Bay only wins by a goal you go home empty-handed.