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Starting up in October, the National Hockey League begins its season and hockey betting lines really start to light up. If the NHL does not satisfy all of ones hockey betting needs, bettors can also find international leagues such as the KHL in Russia to international competition betting lines. Even though traditionally a winter sport, with internet wagering and live betting lines, betting on hockey is now done all year. From the Stanley Cup finals to United States/Canada rivalry, betting on hockey is more exciting than ever.

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From preseason to playoffs, from the puck drop to the ending horn, we have all you hockey betting needs covered. As one of the world’s most global sports, hockey is popular in dozens of countries and the National Hockey League has some of the most diverse talent. When betting on hockey there are plenty of different options to consider.

Below we will highlight the major options and explain how they work.

Money Line Betting: Money line betting is the most common form of betting when it comes to hockey. The money line on a game determines how much money you need to wager to win $100. For example if the Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Buffalo Sabres, the Blackhawks are going to be the favoured team, while the Sabres will be the underdog. If Chicago has a money line of -240, then you need to wager $240 dollars to win $100. If the underdog Sabres have a money line of +210, then you can win $210 with a wager of only $100.

Puck Line Betting: The puck line is the combination of a money line and a spread. Using the game above as an example, say you think Chicago will win the game by at least two goals. If the puck line is set at -1.5/-140, now you only need to wager $140 dollars on Chicago to win $100. The catch that Chicago now needs to win the game by at least 2 goals. If Chicago wins 4-3, you lose your bet.

Future Prices: Most popular during the offseason and preseason, future prices let you bet on future outcomes such as who will win each division to who will be crowned Stanley Cup Champion. Odds and lines for futures will change through the season, as teams deal injuries and make trades. Keeping track of player transactions can help you snag a good future price as the line shifts to one direction or the other.