NFL Standings

Due to a lightning fast 17-week regular season, that seems to pass by in the blink of eye, every game is important for top placement in the NFL standings. Teams that fall a game or two back find themselves on a tough path to the playoffs in the ultra-competitive National Football League.


With a half century of Super Bowl Sundays in the history books, as of 2016, the juggernaut that is the NFL continues to gain momentum. No matter what the story, feel-good topics like the NFL Draft or not so good like Deflategate, the NFL remains current twelve months a year these days. That’s also true on the NFL betting boards at our top rated online sportsbooks. In the absence of actual game lines, futures prices take over as a full bounty of league and conference championship bets, plus a wide variety of player props, are offered in the offseason between February and August.

Bettors can expect some unusual prop wagering offerings during the offseason as well. A classic example, known simply as the RGIII Prop, is the odds placed on which team would sign quarterback Robert Griffin III prior to the start of the 2016 season. Nine teams, plus any CFL team, made up that ten-option prop wager. More seriously though, as we have shown with our predictions in the past, making shrewd investments in the NFL Conference and Super Bowl futures odds can add a boost to your bankroll and help lead to a stress free Super Bowl Sunday. Click on any of the recommended sportsbooks listed above to unlock a wealth of NFL betting lines 24/7 and 365 days per year.