Interprovincial Rugby Football Union members back in 1946, Montreal Alouettes CFL betting lines were first posted in 1958. Following a name change, to the Montreal Concords from 1982 to 1985, the Alouettes moniker was brought back in 1986 but the team suspended operations from 1987 through the 1995 CFL season. Investment banker Robert C. Wetenhall purchased the Montreal franchise in 1997 and the Alouettes made 18 playoff appearances over the next 19 seasons.  

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Posting a winning record 15 times from 1996 to 2015, Montreal Alouettes betting lines have largely been chalk recently. Our Alouettes odds are sourced from the best bookmakers in the business.

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Following thirteen seasons at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, the Alouettes have played at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium since 1998. The Al’s full schedule and game results are always LIVE here.

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When you need the most current East Division and overall CFL Conference standings we have you covered. Updated daily, our CFL rankings widget helps bettors track the Alouettes recent progress.

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Not producing on the field, and cash strapped, Montreal suffered through lean times from 1981 to 1986 as they posted a 28-68 record over those six seasons. That was lethal combo as the Alouettes ceased operations and CFL fans in Montreal went without football for the nine years. Good times followed though as Montreal would become a powerhouse when they returned to the CFL in 1996.

If Montreal bettors and fans felt spurned, they were quickly repaid as the Alouettes began a streak of 19 straight playoff appearances. A run from 2002 to 2010 was particularly impressive as the Al’s claimed three Grey Cup Championships during those nine seasons. Our top ranked bookmakers respect the Canadian Football League and do so we. Bookmark Canadian Sportsbooks as your go-to source for LIVE Alouettes odds as well as complete coverage of the CFL East and West Divisions.