CFL Betting Lines

Carving out its niche in the pro sports landscape, over a long time period in the Great White North, the Canadian Football League is part of the fabric in the tapestry that makes up Canada. With teams strategically placed across the country, and games throughout week, it’s easy to get in on the exciting action that CFL betting lines offer. A short but competitive two game preseason is followed by 20 weeks of gridiron action from June through November. Get in the game with “bigger balls” at any of our top rated sports wagering sites.

CFL Betting Lines Today

Some may look past the CFL – to the hype machine that is the NFL. However, when it’s the only game in town during the summer months, a lot more than ever before, bettors are getting in on CFL betting lines today with the real time odds offered by our top rated online sportsbooks. 

regular - Matchday 1
Match day
  • 1
Away Score Home Money Line
Thursday 10 June
Ppd Hamilton Tigercats 20:30 Bombers
Friday 11 June
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Saturday 12 June
Ppd Lions 19:00 Calgary Stampeders
Ppd Riders 21:30 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 26 June
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Lions
Saturday 10 July
Ppd Calgary Stampeders 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Thursday 15 July
Ppd Toronto Argonauts 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Friday 16 July
Ppd Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Saturday 24 July
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Friday 30 July
Ppd Lions 20:30 Bombers
Thursday 05 August
Ppd Bombers 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Hamilton Tigercats 20:30 Bombers
Friday 06 August
Lions 21:30 Riders
Saturday 07 August
Toronto Argonauts 19:00 Calgary Stampeders
Ottawa RedBlacks 22:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Thursday 12 August
Lions 21:30 Calgary Stampeders
Friday 13 August
Toronto Argonauts 20:30 Bombers
Saturday 14 August
Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Hamilton Tigercats 22:00 Riders
Thursday 19 August
Edmonton Eskimos 22:00 Lions
Friday 20 August
Montreal Alouettes 21:30 Calgary Stampeders
Saturday 21 August
Bombers 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Ottawa RedBlacks 19:00 Riders
Thursday 26 August
Edmonton Eskimos 19:30 Toronto Argonauts
Friday 27 August
Hamilton Tigercats 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Saturday 28 August
Lions 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Sunday 29 August
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Bombers
Friday 03 September
Montreal Alouettes 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Sunday 05 September
Bombers 18:00 Riders
Monday 06 September
Toronto Argonauts 13:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Edmonton Eskimos 16:30 Calgary Stampeders
Friday 10 September
Hamilton Tigercats 19:30 Toronto Argonauts
Saturday 11 September
Riders 16:00 Bombers
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Ottawa RedBlacks 22:00 Lions
Friday 17 September
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Toronto Argonauts 21:45 Riders
Saturday 18 September
Lions 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Bombers 21:45 Edmonton Eskimos
Wednesday 22 September
Hamilton Tigercats 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Friday 24 September
Montreal Alouettes 19:30 Toronto Argonauts
Riders 22:30 Lions
Tuesday 28 September
Edmonton Eskimos 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Friday 01 October
Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Bombers 22:00 Lions
Saturday 02 October
Ottawa RedBlacks 16:00 Bombers
Riders 19:00 Calgary Stampeders
Wednesday 06 October
Ottawa RedBlacks 19:30 Toronto Argonauts
Friday 08 October
Edmonton Eskimos 20:30 Bombers
Saturday 09 October
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Riders
Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Monday 11 October
Ottawa RedBlacks 13:00 Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts 16:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Friday 15 October
Edmonton Eskimos 21:00 Calgary Stampeders
Bombers 21:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 16 October
Montreal Alouettes 16:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Lions
Friday 22 October
Toronto Argonauts 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Saturday 23 October
Ottawa RedBlacks 16:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Lions 19:00 Bombers
Riders 21:45 Calgary Stampeders
Friday 29 October
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Hamilton Tigercats 21:30 Calgary Stampeders
Hamilton Tigercats 21:45 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 30 October
Lions 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Riders 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Friday 05 November
Lions 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Edmonton Eskimos 21:45 Riders
Saturday 06 November
Toronto Argonauts 16:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Bombers
Friday 12 November
Hamilton Tigercats 19:30 Toronto Argonauts
Calgary Stampeders 22:30 Lions
Saturday 13 November
Bombers 16:00 Montreal Alouettes
Riders 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Friday 19 November
Ottawa RedBlacks 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Edmonton Eskimos 22:30 Lions
Saturday 20 November
Riders 16:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Bombers 19:00 Calgary Stampeders

CFL Standings

Without much of a talent disparity, no matter where a team sits in the CFL standings, even a first vs worst matchup can often turn into an exciting contest. Stick with us here at Canadian Sportsbooks to track your betting favorites as we update the CFL rankings throughout the 20-week season.

# team P W L + -
1 Toronto Argonauts Toronto Argonauts 0 0 0 0 0
2 Ottawa RedBlacks Ottawa RedBlacks 0 0 0 0 0
3 Montreal Alouettes Montreal Alouettes 0 0 0 0 0
4 Hamilton Tigercats Hamilton Tigercats 0 0 0 0 0
1 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Winnipeg Blue Bombers 0 0 0 0 0
2 Saskatchewan Roughriders Saskatchewan Roughriders 0 0 0 0 0
3 Edmonton Eskimos Edmonton Eskimos 0 0 0 0 0
4 Calgary Stampeders Calgary Stampeders 0 0 0 0 0
5 British Columbia Lions British Columbia Lions 0 0 0 0 0

As the second oldest pro sports championship trophy in North America, behind the legendary NHL Stanley Cup, the Grey Cup is the mark of football supremacy in Canada. With roots that stretch back to 1909, when the Varsity Blues defeated the Parkdale Canoe Club 26-6 at Rosedale Field, the CFL has handed out the Grey Cup trophy 103 times. That number is up to the 2015 season when the Edmonton Eskimos captured their 14th CFL Championship with a victory over the Ottawa Redblacks who were playing in their franchise first CFL title game. Bet on the pregame odds and prop options, or you can jump on the LIVE wagering action at our recommended sportsbooks.

Being as the CFL is a nine-team league, that we wish would jump to ten, rivalries are plentiful in the Canadian game. Whether it’s the Battle of Alberta, when Edmonton visits Calgary for the Labour Day Classic, or Hamilton facing Toronto during their fights for Ontario, ample information is always available to bettors as they research their CFL picks. Top rated sportsbooks even lay out easy to understand team statistics in game center capsules at their websites. Register an account, make a safe and secure deposit, collect a valuable sportsbook bonus reward, and get in on CFL betting excitement all the way up to the Grey Cup. Canuck pigskin prognosticating is awesome eh.