The International Basketball Federation, otherwise known as FIBA, has run the World Cup of Basketball since 1950. Every four years, teams from around the globe compete to determine who has the best international squad. Every time the competition takes place, basketball enthusiasts from around the world flock to sportsbook sites to place their bet. Basketball world cup betting lines have the ability to be unpredictable, which can lead more upsets than other high-level competitions.

Basketball World Cup Betting Lines Today

International rivalries often affect world cup betting lines due to the passion that representing an entire country entails. The tables below give you a good idea of recent moneylines, providing insight into the latest developments in the tournament.

Sportsbook Bonus To Bet On Basketball World Cup

When you’re looking to get in on the action of the FIBA World Cup of Basketball, signing up with a sportsbook gives you a chance to collect a bonus that many of these sites offer to new players.

FIBA world cup represents the highest level of international play, often including plenty of NBA players looking to secure glory for their country. Although the United States usually has a large advantage among international competitors, the gap between the top countries has shrunk to the point where the U.S. isn’t a sure thing. Upsets have been known to take place, especially when American squads don’t exhibit the necessary level of teamwork needed to function at a high level during international play.

As a result, since 1990, Yugoslavia has earned the same number of titles as the United States, with each team earning three World Cups. The only other country to win a FIBA World Cup has been Spain, which managed to secure a win in 2006. The last two competitions have been dominated by squads from the United States, which displayed their superior skill with overwhelming romps in the finals match.  

In order to avoid conflict with the FIFA World Cup, which always draws a larger audience, the FIBA World Cup has decided to stagger its tournaments one year after the most popular tournament in the world. They also avoid the Olympics, which provides another large conflict that may affect FIBA play.

One of the most popular plays when it comes to betting on FIBA competitions is picking the winner of an individual game. Often the odds are expressed as moneylines that represent how much money that you win for betting a standard amount. For example, a moneyline of +200 represents an underdog play in which you have to bet $100 to double your initial wager. On the other side of the odds, favourites are represented by a negative number. A moneyline of -150 represents the fact that you have to bet $150 to win $100. 

Betting on the total number of point that are scored during a FIBA match is another popular wager, often acting as a rider or a double up to a moneyline bet. If the over/under for a match is 185.5, both teams have to score a total of 186 points for the over bet to win, while 185 points and under secures a win for the under bet. 

The types of bets available to you depends on the sportsbook that you sign up with. Some offer creative bets or special betting on for certain events or underdogs.