San Antonio Spurs Betting Lines

The San Antonio Spurs are the most relentless example of institutional excellence in a North American sports franchise, making themselves a contender for the NBA championships for nearly 15 consecutive years. As a result, San Antonio Spurs betting lines have consistently favoured the Spurs to win for well over a decade, much to the delight of fans in the San Antonio area. This winning trend shows no sign in slowing or stopping in the near future.

San Antonio Spurs Betting Lines Today

Here’s a quick look at the Spurs next challenge, which lists the moneylines for both teams. Always check to see if a player is rested or injured before investing in a bet for or against the Spurs.

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San Antonio Spurs Schedule And Games Result

This breakdown of past results for the San Antonio Spurs can be divided into home and road results to really appreciate their dominant play when home at the River Walk of Stars. Also keep in mind that stars tend to be rested later on in the season, especially during back to back games.

Results / FixturesSan Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Standings Conference

Compare the progress of the Spurs compared to their rivals, which tend to target San Antonio’s excellence year after year. If the team’s at the bottom of the standings, there’s a chance that a key player will rest, slightly increasing the odds of an upset.

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Betting On The San Antonio Spurs

Moneylines provide a trusted, simple and straightforward way for fans of betting on NBA action to get a piece of the wagering pie. When the line listed happens to be a negative number, it means that the team is a favourite. Lines that have a positive number are the underdog team. This differs from type of odds that you find in horse racing, which are expressed as ratios like 8-1.

Payouts for ratio odds are fairly simple, with you multiplying your bet by the ratio. For moneylines, favourites require more of a stake to win while underdogs need to stake less for more profit. If the Spurs are listed at -375 , you need to bet $375 to win $100, but if the Spurs have a line of +375, you need to stake only $100 to win $375. The 10-1 style of odds tend to be applied to betting on who will win it all while the moneylines tend to be used for individual games, which require subtler oddsmaking.

Considering the long lasting success of the Spurs, which seems to be passed from one generation to the next, it’s always a good idea to take sportsbooks odds with a grain of salt. Year after year, experts ask if this is the year that San Antonio drops off. The Spurs have responded by making the post season every year since 1997, when the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan, arguably the most effective power forward in the history of the NBA.