Houston Rockets Betting Lines

The Houston Rockets were the only team to take advantage of Jordan’s brief retirement during the 1990s, winning their only two titles during the 1994 and 1995 seasons under the power of Hakeem “the Dream” Olajuwon, one of the few centers to dominate prime Shaquille O’Neal. Since then, they’ve embraced the analytics crowd under the leadership of Daryl Morey, resulting in Houston Rockets betting lines trending more towards favourable odds.

Houston Rockets Betting Lines Today

This widget is designed to give you the next set of moneylines that you can bet on for the next Houston Rockets game. We include the lines for both teams so you can make an informed decision on which team to pick.

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Houston Rockets Schedule And Games Result

The Houston Rocket regular season is chronicled here, including results that are organized into home and away games. This section includes moneylines for past results, letting you compare the odds with the results before betting on the next game.

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Houston Rockets Standings Conference

This widget focuses on the standings of the Rockets within the western conference, but allows you to easily look up their opponent in the eastern portion of the league. You can get a decent idea of where a team is headed by looking at their position in the standings.

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Betting On The Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets may have only won two championships in their history, but they compete at a high level on a perennial basis because of their ability to draw stars such as James Harden, Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming and Moses Malone. Due to the relative consistency of the team, when you’re betting on a Rockets game, there’s always a chance that they’ll come out on top simply because of their talent level.

For the most part, you’ll be betting on individual games with sportsbooks, choosing the winner of the match. Mostly, moneylines will guide your betting decision as you consider the team that you’ll back with your wager. Favourites require a greater stake for profit while underdogs require smaller wagers for bigger returns. A -175 moneyline will pay you $100 if you put down $175 on the match while a +175 moneyline gets you $175 for a win when you wager $100 on the results.

In addition to choosing the winner, some sportsbooks offer other types of wagers, like betting on the spread, predicting the over/under or predicting the winner of a playoff series. Not all sportsbooks offer the same opportunities, so it’s worth your time to check out a few different services.

Before betting on any sports event, you should always do a quick scan of the latest news to ensure that an event hasn’t occurred, like an injury or a trade, that will alter the competitive balance of the match. The more information you have on a matchup, the more likely you are to make the appropriate bet, increasing the profit you derive from your roundball expertise.