Memphis Grizzlies Betting Lines

Despite concerns that Memphis would be unsuitable for an NBA franchise, the Grizzlies have managed to carve out a passionate fanbase that supports the working class, grindhouse style of physical play and dedication. Compared to other NBA squads, Memphis Grizzlies betting lines usually depend on how well that they execute their punishing game plan, which typically involves tight defense and low-post dominance.

Memphis Grizzlies Betting Lines Today

Moneylines that let you know the odds for both the Memphis Grizzlies and their next opponent are provided for players to get a better idea of the likely winner of the next game. We also provide an update on the outcomes as well.

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Memphis Grizzlies Schedule And Games Result

Having access to past regular season results helps players make the best possible decision when wagering on the Memphis Grizzlies. This multi-info widget also gives you specific moneylines on past results.

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Memphis Grizzlies Standings Conference

The western conference standings have provided the toughest challenge over the past decade and a half, although the east is beginning to rise again. Before laying your hard earned betting dollar down make sure that you check the standings. 

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Betting On The Memphis Grizzlies

Depending on the sportsbook that you choose to partner with, you may be presented with a variety of wagering opportunities when betting on the Memphis Grizzlies. At the beginning of the year, many place a wager on who will take home the championship, but when the preseason comes to an end, most fans of the NBA focus their betting action to the day-to-day happenings of the regular season.

For individual games, moneylines are used by sportsbooks to declare the odds that players get for each match. When making your wager, if the odds on the team that you bet on are listed at -175, you have to bet that amount in order to win $100. However, if the line for the Grizzlies is listed at +175, you need to bet $100 to win $175. This reflects the greater chance that the favourite will win the contest, which results in a smaller payout. Moneylines can also be found for playoff series when the regular season comes to a close.

When considering wagering on the Memphis Grizzlies, it’s important to consider the many factors that lead to success for a basketball team. Obviously, home games tend to be easier to win than road games, which changes the odds. More subtle information, such as past matchups and motivation that causes a team to play better or worse than expected, may also be included in the determination of the final odds and betting pools, requiring your attention.

As the Grizzlies continue to grind in the NBA, the success of their squad will depend on their ability to supplement their hard-nosed play with skilled scorers and creators. Because of the fact that this team has absolutely no quit in them, bettors should be cautious when the team is listed as an underdog.