NBA Southwest Division Betting Lines

The southwest division is where most of the titans of the western conference are located, boasting three champions since the Houston Rockets took home the NBA title in 1993. This division also includes the Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. Diehard fans of the association know that NBA southwest division betting lines are among the most competitive and unpredictable, resulting in challenging but rewarding wagering action.

NBA Southwest Betting Lines Today

We keep track of the latest wagering information, including southwest division betting lines today and upcoming contests. Your sportsbook should offer similar odds, but it’s a good idea to double check before confirming your bet.

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NBA Southwest Standings

The southwest division standings are among the most cutthroat in the league, requiring teams to stay focused to avoid falling behind in playoff position. Make sure you stay updated on the latest changes in the standings before wagering.


The southwest division has been one of the most talented in the league because of the ongoing excellence of the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks, who defy critics by staying atop of the standings year after year. Since the Houston Rockets are among the more popular franchises in the NBA for free agents, they often form a trio of death within the division. Memphis and New Orleans still remain competitive, high-quality squads, with all five teams making the 2015 playoffs, a rare accomplishment for any division.

Often, teams passing through the state of Texas on road swings tend to have great difficulty performing well, typically forming one of the more dreaded parts of any team’s schedule. Eastern conference teams are especially susceptible to the solid play of Texan teams. To add to the woes of road teams playing this division, Memphis has created a “Grindhouse” identity for their play, making it one of the most difficult crowds to deal with.

One quirk of this division is the annual rodeo road trip that the Spurs go on due to scheduling conflicts between the Spurs and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Despite the fact that this is a long road trip for any team, the Spurs nonetheless manage to perform well, even setting a record one year for longest winning streak within a single road trip. However, one of these seasons, the Spurs may fall to numbers that suggest they should regress to the mean in terms of road percentages.

When you bet on NBA games in the southwest division, or any other part of the association, moneylines are set up to determine the odds of a team coming out on top. If you see a matchup between the Rockets listed at -325 and the Pelicans at +200, it means that you have to bet $325 to win $100 on the Rockets. However, if you think the Pelicans will win, a $100 wager at +200 will net you a $200 payout.

Since you have to bet more to win less on negative moneylines, the Rockets would be considered the favourites. The positive moneyline for the Pelicans represent the underdog for the match. When it comes to payouts, the greater the risk you take the bigger reward that you’ll win, which is why you bet less to win more on moneyline underdogs.