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One of the oldest and most storied franchises started in 1947 in Minneapolis before moving to Los Angeles to become the legendary Los Angeles Lakers. Since 1980, the Lakers are the most successful team in the NBA, earning ten championships and appearing in the finals a whopping 16 times. LA Lakers betting lines are in the process of adjusting to the realities of the post-Kobe era of the team.

LA Lakers Betting Lines Today

The Lakers next match will be published on this part of the page, giving you updates on the lines for both teams. Always look over your wager to confirm that the odds you get match up with your expectations.

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LA Lakers Schedule And Games Result

Road and away results from the regular season will be published on this part of the LA Lakers page, as well as the moneylines for past results. Before betting on the next game, it doesn’t hurt to see how the Lakers did the last time against the same opponent.

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LA Lakers Standings Conference

The division and conference standings for the LA Lakers and their opponent will be updated throughout the season, allowing you to check out the situation of whatever team you decide to place your wager on.

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Betting On The LA Lakers

There are dozens of different types of bets that you can place on NBA action, but the most popular wagering on sportsbooks usually involves predicting the outcome of a single game. The oddsmakers usually display moneylines for these cases, which associate either a positive or negative number with the chances that the Lakers or another team will win.

If LA is listed as a favourite, they will receive odds that are negative, such as a line of -225. However, as an underdog, they’ll receive a positive moneyline like +225. This gives you an idea of how much you have to stake in order to earn a profit. For the -225 line, you win $100 for betting $225, but for the +225 line, you win $225 for betting only $100. In the end, the equation is simple: the riskier the wager, the more of a reward that you receive for correctly predicting the outcome.

These types of lines are used for playoff games, series, over/under and many other types of prop bets that players can place online. To see the range of wagers that your sportsbook allows, consider visiting a few different sites.

Despite the fact that the Lakers have struggled through the occasional dry spell, even the most casual fan of the NBA is aware that they are unlikely to remain in the basement for very long, especially considering that LA is a prime place for free agents wishing to play roundball in a gigantic market under international scrutiny. You can expect the Lakers to regain their form, giving shrewd bettors a chance to take advantage of a franchise reborn.