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Founded in 1948, the Sacramento Kings have a long history of bouncing from city to city, starting in Rochester before moving to Cincinnati, Kansas City and finally their home in California. The oldest franchise has struggled to make a dent in the modern NBA and hasn’t made the NBA finals since 1951, when the team won the title as the Royals. Currently, Sacramento Kings betting lines reflect the instability of the franchise, which is attempting to rebuild.

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Upcoming Kings games are listed here, displaying the opponent that they play in addition to the moneylines you can expect. The sportsbook that you’re signed up with will give the exact numbers before confirming your wager.

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As the Kings strive to earn a spot in the post season through regular season success, we up date their progress throughout the year. One smart thing to check out are the moneylines that are listed beside the results.

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Understanding the momentum of a team is important before deciding which side you want to bet on. One easy way of doing so is checking out the standings, which will tell you the direction that the Kings and their opponent are headed.

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Bettung On The Sacramento Kings

Unfortunately, the Kings have dealt with a variety of challenges in terms of ownership meddling, including the famous quote that insinuated that the team should play free form basketball similar to jazz music and play five on four on the defensive end to encourage cherrypicking. NBA fans and betting enthusiasts pick up on this type of dysfunctional organizational behaviour, making it tough to scout out upset opportunities for increased betting profit.

This makes it important to fully understand how to use moneylines when making a wager on the Kings or their opponents. Favourites will be listed as a negative moneyline while underdogs will be assigned a positive number. So when the Kings are a -220 favourite, you’ll need to bet $220 to make $100 on your wager. However, the Kings listed as a +220 underdog will require only a $100 bet to win $220. Essentially, the more of a risk you take the less that you have to bet in order to come away with a profit.

Whenever the Sacramento Kings manage to make the playoffs, sportsbooks may give you the option of betting on the outcome of the series, as well as individual games. Some sportsbooks even offer prop bets that let you predict specific outcomes other than who will win, such as the team that will score first or the team that will commit more fouls during the matchup.

Despite the fact that the Kings struggle to thrive, whenever you see east coast teams travel to the west, you should check to see if the odds have been adjusted to accommodate for the fact that east coast road teams tend to have a bit more difficulty winning while on west coast road swings.