NBA Pacific Division Betting Lines

NBA pacific division betting lines are some of the hottest in the association, with teams like the Golden State Warriors and the two Los Angeles teams wreaking havoc over the past 15 years. The Lakers are arguably the most successful team in league history, always drawing a flurry of betting action from fans of this legendary franchise. As the league continues to move towards small ball, smart NBA fans will keep an eye on how other teams respond to the historic success of the Warriors.

NBA Pacific Betting Lines Today

The pacific division betting lines today are listed in this section, providing the latest moneylines on matchups in the association. Despite these odds reflecting popular numbers provided by sportsbooks, confirm the lines for yourself before putting your money down.

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NBA Pacific Standings

From the first game of the NBA regular season to the last, this NBA standings tool provides the latest updates throughout the association, allowing you to compare the NBA pacific division standings with the rest of the league.


The pacific division has long been home to the top teams in the NBA, including dominant forces like Magic and Kobe’s Lakers, as well as Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors. Considering this history of success, fans of wagering on the NBA tend to lean towards favouring pacific division teams, especially when teams from the eastern conference, which tends to be the weaker half, visit the pacific for a road swing.

Experienced fans of betting on the NBA are familiar with the cycles of the league as a whole, leveraging trends as quickly as possible to get the best odds when picking the winner of an individual game or the eventual winner of the NBA title at the end of the year. Typically, the best time to wager on a team is during a period where they’re transitioning from mediocre to great. There’s always one or two statement games in which a traditional powerhouse is upended by an ascendant team, giving you great odds that lead to a better payout.

Part of this has to do with the fact that the greater the risk involved in betting on a team, the more of a reward you’ll receive for predicting the outcome. Moneylines on underdogs are listed as negative numbers, such as -250, which means that you need to bet $250 to win $100 on your wager. Positive moneylines denote a team that’s the underdog, so if the Kings are listed as +450 to beat the Los Angeles Clippers, you’ll win $450 for wagering $100.

The bets that you can find on sportsbooks will vary, but nearly all of them will let you wager on the outcome of an individual game based on the moneylines. Lines also exist for predicting the champ at the end of the year, over/unders, spread betting and prop bets.

Whenever you bet on the NBA, you should always remember that the teams playing in their home arena win at least 60 percent of their games during the regular season, and up to 65 percent of their matchups during the playoffs, altering the odds significantly.