Denver Nuggets Betting Lines

Starting out as the Denver Rockets in 1967, they changed their name to the Nuggets a couple of years before they joined the NBA in 1976. Similar to other smaller west coast markets, the Nuggets have struggled to be relevant, having avoided the NBA finals throughout their history. When checking out Denver Nuggets betting lines, keep in mind that the upstart teams pay well when they upset established foes.

Denver Nuggets Betting Lines Today

The Nugs next matchup will be listed here, along with the sportsbook lines for both Denver and their opponent. Ensure that you’re getting the odds you expect by double checking your bet before submitting.

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Denver Nuggets Schedule And Games Result

Scan through this handy list of past results paired with the odds that were offered for each game in order to get insight on the upcoming schedule for the Denver Nuggets, which we also provide on this useful table.

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Denver Nuggets Standings Conference

You can keep track of the western conference standings as the Nuggets strive to eventually rise up to prominence for the first time since the Melo area. We also embed the eastern conference standing so you can check up on any opponent.

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Denver Nuggets Betting Lines

When you browse some of the more popular sportsbooks, you may find that you have a multitude of betting options to choose from. In addition to wagering on individual games, players can bet on series, over/under, spreads, prop bets and the occasional special betting event run for the benefit of knowledgeable fans. Some books will even give you a shot at picking the NBA championship through Vegas-style ratio odds.

However, for the purposes of wagering on the majority of online sportsbooks, you’ll be dealing with moneylines like -175 and +375 instead of ratios like 10-1 or 5-2, found more frequently in horse racing. When you check out the next matchup and you see the Pelicans listed as a -175 moneyline, they’re considered the favourites, and you’ll have to put up $175 in order to win $100 on your bet. The Pelicans listed at +375 will be an underdog, so you’ll win $375 on your bet if you stake $100 on the upset. This type of wagering is also often used for betting on playoff series.

The aforementioned over/under on the total amount of points scored provides a great way to add a rider to a bet, increasing your winnings when you have additional insight on how well the two offenses will perform. An over/under of 205.5 signifies that a winning over bet will see both teams score at least 206 points combined while the winning under bet will correctly predict that the teams will combine for 204 or less.

Since the Denver Nuggets are still attempting to make their first NBA finals, many fans of wagering on the NBA are wary of placing a bet on the Nuggets. However, when teams visit Denver, the effects of elevation kick in, giving the Nugs a unique home court advantage that smart wagering fans can take advantage of.