NBA Northwest Division Betting Lines

Despite the fact that the teams of the northwest division have won two championships in their collective history – none since the 1970s – this part of the western conference still produces high calibre teams that challenge traditional western powers such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. Since the turn of the century, NBA northwest division betting lines have included teams that suddenly rose to prominence, offering great wagering opportunities.

NBA Northwest Betting Lines Today

Check out northwest division betting lines today to get an idea of the upcoming action for the next set of games. The odds that we list here are moneylines that give players a clear idea of what the experts and sportsbook expect for the outcome of the match.

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NBA Northwest Standings

The northwest division standings tend to fluctuate more than others on a year to year basis due to frequent shifts in power. Before placing a bet on a team from this division, take a look at the record of both teams playing.


The NBA is typically considered to be among the most difficult sports to sniff out an upset due to the predictability of dominant teams. Since it’s a star’s league, the teams with the biggest superstars tend to sweep away squads of more modest talent. Nonetheless, the northwest boasts two of the bigger upsets in recent playoff memory, with the eighth seeded 1994 Nuggets becoming the first team to beat a number one seed, coming back from two games to none to win the series-deciding game in overtime. The 2014 Portland Trail Blazers, lead by the clutch play of Damian Lillard, upset the Houston Rockets during the 2014 playoffs, dispatching what was expected to be a Rockets squad that would contend for the championship.

Occasionally, you’ll see a player or a team have a “statement” game. This usually involves a big win against one of the elite teams or a player breaking out to reveal a new star in the league, such as Damian Lillard when he hit the series winning three in 2014. Wagering fans who keep tabs on the NBA give themselves the chance to increase the amount of big wins they score through betting on ascendant underdog teams.

The NBA has one of the strongest home court trends in North American professional sports, with 60 percent of home teams winning during the regular season. This jumps to nearly 65 percent during the playoffs, partly due to the fact that top seeds tend to take care of home court more frequently than lower seeds. When attempting to find great value in a wager, check out the odds of the home team to see if they reflect the quality of play.

For regular season and playoff games, the vast majority of sportsbooks publish the calculations of oddsmakers as moneylines. You’ll see them on this page as well as all over sportsbooks, listed as positive and negative numbers. Although you may expect the opposite to be true, positive moneylines represent underdogs while negative moneylines represent the favourite.

If the Utah Jazz are listed at +200 for their game against the -200 Oklahoma City Thunder, you’ll need to bet $200 to win $100 on the Thunder, but only need to wager $100 to win $200 on the Jazz.  When the playoffs roll around, sportsbooks may also give you the option of betting on an entire playoff series.