NBA West Conference Betting Lines

The western conference of the National Basketball Association is home to legendary teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs, along with newly ascendant franchises like the Golden State Warriors. Fans of wagering on top notch basketball keep a close eye on NBA west conference betting lines throughout the season in an attempt to sniff out favorable odds when they play on their favourite sportsbook online.

NBA West Conference Betting Lines Today

This list of betting lines for today’s western conference matchups give you a good idea of what you can expect when wagering on the NBA west. Keep an eye on the latest news prior to placing a wager on any team.

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These are some of the most popular and trusted sportsbooks that give you access to NBA wagering lines. We also list the type of bonus that they provide, as well as a review of how the site works.


After the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons and Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls terrorized the NBA for most of the nineties, the western conference started to step up their game in comparison to their rivals. Part of this swing in power had to do with the rise of two of the most consistently excellent players in the NBA: Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. During their tenure with the Spurs and the Lakers, they amassed ten titles between 1999 and 2014.

The meteoric rise of the Golden State Warriors, lead by Steph Curry, signal the changeover to another potential dynasty that will extend the dominance of the western conference, countering the rise of several hungry young teams from the east coast.

Playing on the road always reduces the chances of winning. When betting on western conference teams, take note of east coast road trips, which usually result in at least one upset loss for western powerhouses. Typically, it’s also foolish to bet for a road underdog visiting from the east on a west coast road swing. Although the trend could change at any time, the west has had a much better winning percentage over the east for much of the past fifteen years.

The most frequent and straightforward type of bet on the NBA west conference tends to be picking the winner of an individual game, guided by moneyline odds offered by the sportsbook of your choice. If you’re not too familiar with moneylines, favourites are represented by a negative number while underdogs have a positive number attached to their odds. These numbers represent the amount of risk and reward that you’re dealing with. For example, to win $100 on a moneyline of -350, you’ll need to wager $350. However, if you’re wagering on an underdog at +350, you’ll win $350 for wagering $100.

You can also choose to bet on spreads, which involve predicting how large the difference between the two teams will be at the end of the game. If you bet on a spread of 8.5 for a favoured team, that team will need to win by nine points for your wager to succeed. On the other hand, if you bet on the underdog, your wager will win as long as they lose by less than nine points.