The NBA finals have produced some of the most dramatic moments in the world of basketball, cementing the legacy of superstar players while tainting the legacy of others who were unable to win on the biggest professional stage. In addition to drawing millions of viewers from around the globe, many wager on NBA finals betting lines to increase the excitement by having a more personal stake in the outcome.

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The NBA finals are the culmination of an 82 game regular season, followed by two teams who manage to win twelve post-season games in their conference. Due to the difficulty of achieving this goal, the pair of teams who pull off this feat are inevitably the finest in the association, with few flukes or Cinderella stories making the grade.

Since 1980, only five teams ranked lower than third in their conference have gone on to make the NBA finals, proving that the regular season may be used as a significant predictor of how a team will fare in the playoffs. Finals winners below the third seed are even rarer. Only the fourth-ranked 1969 Celtics and the sixth-ranked 1995 Rockets have managed to take home the title after a mediocre regular season campaign. Of course, those teams featured all-time greats such as Bill Russell, Hakeem Olajuwon and John Havlicek.

Despite this trend, the modern NBA is filled with teams that are stacked with more talent than ever, which increases the odds of a titanic upset, even in the NBA finals, where the favorites tend to dominate.

There are a wide variety of wagers that you can undertake when you’re betting on the NBA finals at the end of the year. In addition to betting on the outcome of the series, including the victor and how long the series will last, you can wager on the outcome of individual games, which can provide opportunities to sniff out a smaller upset. Depending on the sportsbook, you may be delighted to find that there are a variety of prop bets, such as picking the player who will be awarded with the playoffs MVP.

Often, the odds are expressed in a moneyline that also lets you know what’s at stake in terms of risk and reward. Favorites are listed as a negative number while underdogs are given a positive number. A moneyline of -225 means that you’ll need to bet $225 to win $100 while a +250 moneyline means you’ll win $250 when you wager $100 on the underdog. 

Many sites will also list over/under action for astute wagering fans who know a lot about basketball. Essentially, when dealing with over/unders, you attempt to predict whether the total score of a match will be above or below a preset number.