Washington Wizards Betting Lines

The Washington Wizards have struggled to remain relevant in the NBA in recent years, and haven’t been competitive in the NBA, especially since they changed their name from the Bullets to the Wizards. Nonetheless, their recent success in the draft has lead to a dynamic backcourt duo that gives the team a chance to re-establish themselves as a contender, with Washington Wizards betting lines offering fans of wagering on the NBA with decent odds.

Washington Wizards Betting Lines Today

Here’s an update on the latest odds for the next game the Wizards play. Always pay attention to roster and injury reports to make sure that the moneyline you bet on reflects the risk and reward of wagering on the match.

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Washington Wizards Schedule And Games Result

Check out the upcoming schedule for the Washington Wizards and compare upcoming challenges with the past results and odds. Remember to check for home and away records, as well as any winning or losing streaks for either the Wizards or their opponents.

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Washington Wizards Standings Conference

If you’re not to sure how the Wizards or their opponents have been doing during the regular season, take a look at these division and conference standings for the east and the rest of the NBA.

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Betting On The Washington Wizards

Most of the betting action that fans of the Washington Wizards enjoy revolve around betting on single games during the regular season and the playoffs. Sportsbooks oddsmakers weigh the competitive factors that will likely influence the outcome of the match. According to these factors and betting pools, odds are created that reflect the probabilities of either team winning.

While some sportsbook wagering involves odds that are expressed as ratios, such as 5-1, betting on single games usually revolves around moneylines instead. If the Washington Wizards have a moneyline of -135, it means that oddsmakers consider them the favourite, requiring a wager of $135 in order to win $100, reflecting the reduced risk of betting on the favourite.

However, if the Wizards are the underdog for the game, they will be assigned a positive moneyline, such as +225, which means that you’ll have to bet $100 to win $225, reflecting the increased risk of losing your money on an underdog. When the playoffs roll around, you’ll also find sportsbooks that give you a chance to bet on the outcome of an entire series.

Prop bets are another type of wagering activity, involving prediction of whether specific propositions will take place. One example for a prop bet would be whether or not a playoff series will last longer than five games. Over/under betting, in which the player predicts the amount of points scored by both team in a game, is another type of prop bet that’s popular.

Despite dealing with decades of futility, the Wizards have managed to build a backcourt that gives them a chance to hang in nearly any matchup when healthy. With the addition of a few big free agent signings, especially with the rising salary caps, the Wiz could quickly rise to become a top challenger. Similar to most east coast teams, you should avoid wagering on lengthy west coast trips.