Charlotte Hornets Betting Lines

Despite the popularity of basketball in North Carolina, the Charlotte Hornets have struggled with ownership issues that are now just stabilizing with the addition of Michael Jordan to the owners group. Now that they recaptured their franchise name from New Orleans, Charlotte Hornets betting lines are beginning to show a new respect for the franchise and its rising stars.

Charlotte Hornets Betting Lines Today

Checkout the betting lines for the next game that the Charlotte Hornets are competing in. We give you the moneylines that you’ll most likely see on sportsbooks and the next opponent that they face.

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Charlotte Hornets Schedule And Games Result

Monitoring the trend of NBA squads throughout the season will help you make the most informed decision possible when playing on sportsbooks. Consider home records, road records, streaks and previous matches before wagering on the Hornets.

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Charlotte Hornets Standings Conference

The location of the Charlotte Hornets in the eastern standing conference gives you a good idea of where they’re at for their push to the playoffs. You can also check on their opponent to see if they’re more interested in tanking or jockeying for home court in the post season.

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Betting On The Charlotte Hornets

For the most part, fans of wagering on the National Basketball Association tend to bet on the outcome of a single game between competitors, although some sportsbooks and wagering sites let you chase increased odds by predicting multiple winners on a single wagering ticket. The most popular odds you’ll come across are moneylines, which express both the probability of winning as well as the amount of risk a player has to assume when attempting to make a profit off betting.

Charlotte Hornets matchups that list them as the underdog will see the team with a positive moneyline, such as +275. This means that you have to stake $100 to take home $275 for the win. Alternatively, when the Hornets are listed with a negative number, such as -275, you’ll need to stake $275 in order to win $100 by betting on the underdog. The formula is simple: the bigger the risk of losing the wager, the less you need to bet to win greater amounts of money.

You don’t need to focus strictly on betting for individual games. You can choose to wager on other aspects of the game, such as the amount of points that both teams will score during a single game. If a sportsbook lists an over/under at 210.5, an over bet wins when the teams score 211 or more while the under bet wins if the teams score 210 or less. Hence, this type of bet is referred to as an over/under. When the playoffs roll around, people also enjoy predicting which team will take home the series.

As the Hornets staff and players absorb the knowledge and winning traits of Michael Jordan, the young talent on the team will continue to develop. Look for the Hornets to sneak into contention in the eastern conference as their talent matures.