Atlanta Hawks Betting Lines

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the beneficiaries of Coach Gregg Popovich’s genius, who passed along his strategies and methods to the staff of the Hawks. The result was their best year since 1946, earning the top seed in the Eastern Conference in 2015 on the way to establishing themselves as a perennial contender. The Atlanta Hawks betting lines you find on sportsbooks reflect their new status in the NBA during the Budenholzer regime.

Atlanta Hawks Betting Lines Today

Here’s a quick rundown on what you need to know about the next matchup for the Atlanta Hawks, in particular the odds between the two teams. Always double check the moneyline before placing a wager to make sure the risk is worth the reward.

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Atlanta Hawks Schedule And Games Result

This matrix of past results allows you to see how the Hawks have fared against teams while checking out home and road results, which is one of the biggest factors determining the chance that the Hawks will win. We also list the odds that were offered so you can compare for yourself.

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Atlanta Hawks Standings Conference

The NBA eastern conference regular season standings give you an idea on the progress of every team. Taking a quick look at the standings will give you a good idea on where a team stands and whether they’re more inclined to tank or put in extra effort to clinch a playoff spot or home court advantage.

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Betting On The Atlanta Hawks

There are many ways to bet on the NBA, but the most popular type of wagering involves betting on the winner of an individual match. In order to find out what the sportsbooks believe will happen, check out the moneylines that they offer for each game. If you see a moneyline of -235 for the Atlanta Hawks, it means that they’re favoured to win a match. However, if they have a moneyline of +300, it means that they’re a significant underdog.

In addition to showing which team is considered the underdog, moneylines also let you know the reward you receive according to the risk that you take. In order to make $100 on a -235 favourite, you’d need to place a bet of $235. If the moneyline is +300, you’ll win $300 for wagering $100 on the underdog, reflecting the increased risk of betting on a likely loser.

When they playoffs roll around, the competition heats up on and off the court. Since there’s a seven game series that’s to be decided, many sportsbooks allow you to bet on the outcome of the series as a whole. You can also predict how many games the series will last, if you feel you have insight that will lead to betting glory.

Although the Hawks had a breakout season, they’ve still yet to prove that they’re able to hang with the true elites of the association. However, wagering fans shouldn’t underestimate the Hawks against any rival, reflecting a new winning philosophy installed by new owners and manager.