NBA Central Division Betting Lines

Formerly the midwest division, the central division has been perhaps the dealiest in the eastern conference. In addition to the 90s dominance of the Chicago Bulls, the central has also been represented by LeBron James and the Cavaliers, the Wallace-era Pistons and the stalwart Indiana Pacers. Placing a wager on NBA central division betting lines through your favourite sportsbook is a great way of getting terrific value for your wagering dollar.

NBA Central Betting Lines Today

A list of central division betting lines are published in this section, providing players with a decent idea of the different matchups taking place, as well as the moneylines that may potentially offer great value on a sneaky upset opportunity.

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NBA Central Standings

Keeping track of the central division standings will give you a great idea of how a team fares throughout the marathon regular season. Keeping informed of recent streaks and trends helps you get a bit of extra insight before you wager.


The central division has frequently been the home of the finest teams in the eastern conference, making it difficult for teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks and the Indiana Pacers, who have attempted to take down their championship rivals to no avail. Even LeBron James was unable to bring a championship to Cleveland during his first stint with the Cavaliers. The last team to win the NBA title from this conference was the 2004 Detroit Pistons, who outworked a fractured and feuding Los Angeles Lakers team.

When betting on matches between divisional rivals, you’ll want to consider the past history of the two teams. In some cases, even when there’s a noticeable difference in talent level, an underdog will happen to stack up well against a favourite or feel additional motivation to overcome the negative odds. Outside of the NBA central division, one of the main influencers of odds outside of the skill and talent level of a team is the location of the match. Home teams win about 60 percent of their games in the NBA, showing a large bias towards home and away results.

Another factor to consider when putting down a wager includes streaks and the overall goal of the team, whether it’s the playoffs or a high draft pick at the end of the season.

There are a wide variety of wats to enjoy wagering on the NBA central division, including attempting to pick the winner of the division after the conclusion of the regular season. Much of the betting action that takes place over sportsbooks deal with determining the winner of individual matches according to moneylines, which express the odds. Reading the lines allow players to discover how much money they will win if they correctly predict the winner.

Moneylines are fairly easy to understand, and only slightly more complex than odds that you see at a racetrack. A positive moneylines denotes the underdog of the match while a negative moneyline shows you the favourite. If the Cavaliers are listed as -225 favourites over the +325 Pacers, you need to bet $225 to win $100 on the Cavs and only $100 to win $325 with the Pacers.