Boston Celtics Betting Lines

As one of the most stories franchise in the history of the National Basketball Association, the Boston Celtics have been the home of champions like Bill Russel, Larry Bird, Kevin Garnett and many other legends. Their rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the greatest among all major professional sports leagues. Due to the popularity of Boston Celtics betting lines, sportsbooks leap to offer fans a way to enjoy getting in on the action.

Boston Celtics Betting Lines Today

The next game that the Celtics will play is right here, along with the expected moneyline for the event. After the game is done, we’ll update you with the results so you can check in on your wager.

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Boston Celtics Schedule And Games Result

Sometimes, checking the schedule will reveal that a team has a disadvantage because they play back to back games or three in four nights, which tires pretty much any team. When the Boston Celtics play, check to see how busy their schedule is for the week.

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Boston Celtics Standings Conference

As the NBA regular season continues to grind to a completion, many teams find themselves having to face cold, hard facts. If the team that the Celtics is playing against is motivated to win, there’s a good chance that they’re close to other playoff teams in the eastern conference standings.

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Betting On The Boston Celtics

Predicting the winner of any single game is an exercise in uncertainty, which means that the odds you get from sportsbooks should be considered as part of your wagering strategy. When oddsmakers underestimate a team or are unable to adjust properly to new circumstances, players can take advantage of odds imbalances for opportunities to profit through smart wagering.

Reading the moneylines lets you know exactly what reward you can expect for the wagers that you make. If the Boston Celtics are a favourite, you’ll find that the line will be a negative number like -225, which rewards $100 for a initial stake of $225. As an underdog, the number would be a positive one like +250, which means that you would get $250 in winnings for wagering $100 on the right choice. As you can see, you need to bet less to win more when choosing underdogs.

When you get into the swing of things, you’ll see that some sportsbooks also let you bet on playoff series as well. However, betting on an entire series, especially first round meetups, can be a bit unpredictable due to injuries or a sudden, unexpected reversal of fortune.

After their last NBA championship won by the big three of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, coach Doc Rivers and the three stars split from Boston, creating a formidable rebuilding challenge. Their front office made a slew of intelligent moves that cut down the turnaround, which has made them an ascendant threat in the eastern conference with a bright, long term outlook.