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As home to some of the best in the game, such as Chamberlain, Barkley, Malone, Iverson and Erving, the Philadelphia 76ers have a proud fanbase that’s used to fielding some of the greatest in the history of the National Basketball Association. It’s also home to the process, which is an unprecedented tactic to grow a dynasty through the draft. Philadelphia 76ers betting lines reflect the scrappy attitude of the team as they attempt to grow into contenders.

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The next line on the Philadelphia 76ers is listed here, along with the team that they’ll be playing. We also give you the result after the game, so don’t hesitate to check back here for an update.

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In addition to giving you the results of all the previous games, we list the home and away results so you can strategize according to past results. Also look for streaks when betting on any team, including the 76ers.

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When a team’s trying to tank, they’re much less likely to put in the effort compared to teams striving to get the best position they can going into the playoffs. These division and conference standings will give you the info that you need to bet on the right choice.

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Betting On The Philadelphia 76ers

Teams that are in the middle of enduring long rebuilding processes usually find themselves as underdogs. When expressed as a moneyline, the number will be a positive, such as +230. As an underdog bet, you’ll need to wager less to win more, staking $100 to win $230. If the Philadelphia 76ers are a favourite to win, they’ll be listed with a negative number such as -200, which means you have to bet $200 to win $100, reflecting the reduced risk of betting on favourites.

You can bet on individual games for both the NBA regular season and playoffs, when the competition heats up. If you think that you have some good insight on how a playoff series will proceed, you might want to bet on the series as a whole. For experts of the NBA, prop bets give you a chance to bet on specific occurrences that may seem difficult to predict, such as the number of points that will be scored in the game.

Before betting on the 76ers, or any team for that matter, you should always check to see if you can find an updated report on roster changes such as injuries or suspensions. Star players missing from a game can change the odds enough to create an opportunity to profit through a shrewd wager.

As the 76ers attempt to recapture the legendary 1983 championship earned by Moses Malone and Julius Erving, they will stumble here and there on the path to respectability. Teams in transition always provide an opportunity for unexpected wins as young players experience breakout seasons and learn to adapt to the pace and power of the NBA game, especially in the playoffs.