With the exception of the lockout, the National Basketball Association schedules an all star game to showcase the incredible talents of players from around the world every year. NBA all star betting lines are some of the more fun odds to play on because of the fact that the game tends to be competitive in a different way that regular season and playoff games. Depending on the sportsbook that you run with, you might find that they’ll run a special wagering event for this once-a-year extravaganza.

NBA All Star Game Betting Lines Today

Here’s an updated betting line for the NBA all star game, which gives you an idea of the odds that you’ll find when playing on an online sportsbook. Always double check before placing a wager to make sure you get the best possible chance of winning.

Sportsbook Bonus To Bet On NBA All Star Game

Great online sportsbooks offer bonuses to their players. This list shows you some of these bonuses, although you may find other promotions and rebates when you visit these trusted sites.

    While some purists may cringe at the idea of the lack of grit and grind at any professional all star game, many fans simply relax and enjoy the ride. Often, defense is the first thing that gets thrown out the window. Instead, the eastern and western conference teams go all in on offense, attempting to outdo the spectacular athleticism and scoring prowess of their rivals.

    Individual stars also go out of their way to entertain the masses, throwing up incredible alley-oops, ridiculous dunks and circus shots. As a result, the NBA all star game is always among the highest scoring affairs in the league, especially during the 2016 gathering in Toronto, in which the east and the west combined for a record total of 369 points.

    Similar to the regular season and playoffs, the western conference has dominated the all star game since the turn of the century. Considering that defense is taboo at the all star game, the smart fan should focus on betting for the lineup that appears to offer the most explosive scorers instead of worrying about conference history. Some sportsbooks offer a larger variety of potential wager than others, giving fans a chance to show off their knowledge of the NBA.

    All sportsbooks give you a chance to wager on the winner of a single match, often providing moneylines that give you an idea of the odds involved. If you notice that the western conference is listed as a -175 favourite, you’ll need to bet $175 to win $100. On the other hand, if the western conference is listed as a +250 underdog, you need to bet only $100 to win $250, reflecting the greater risk of wagering on a team that’s less likely to win.

    Another popular type of bet is an over/under in which you predict the total number of points scored by both teams. For example, if the over/under for the all star game was 250.5, a winning over bet would see both teams score at least 251 during the game while a successful under bet would see both teams score 250 or less. Different type of prop bets may also be available, giving you a chance to wager on things such as who will score the first basket or the winner of the MVP award.