The Fall Classic tends to be one of the most dramatic championship series in North American sports because of the difficulty of making the World Series. In addition to thriving over a 162 game regular season, ballclubs have to win at least two post season series against other National League and American League powerhouses. MLB World Series betting lines attract the attention of baseball fans around the globe, who pay attention to every update they find not only in the traditional media but also on sportsbooks.

MLB World Series Betting Lines Today

The MLB World Series betting lines today are listed here, giving you the latest odds for both teams. Moneylines that we publish here are updated according to info provided by sportsbooks, giving you a bit of insight for the next game.

Sportsbook Bonus To Bet On MLB World Series

Before placing a wager, feel free to check out the sportsbook bonus to bet on MLB world series games that these sites offer. In addition to a bonus, you may qualify for another promotion, such as special betting events or a weekly rebate.

If the first team that pops to mind when you think of the World Series is the New York Yankees, there’s a good reason. They’ve played in twice as many World Series as the next closest franchise, winning 24 of their 40 appearances. In the National League, the team representing this half of the MLB most often are the San Francisco Giants, having appeared in 20 World Series. However, the St. Louis Cardinals have won eleven World Series versus the Giants eight. Considering that the first World Series took place in 1903, the Yankees have appeared in more than 35 percent of all Fall Classics, making their team a sound bet on a fairly regular basis.

When the World Series begins, you’ll have the option of betting on individual games and wagering on the outcome of the series as a whole. Some sportsbooks will even allow you to bet on the number of games that a team will take to finish off their opposition. Typically, the odds that you get will change from game to game, based mostly on the quality of the starting pitching offered by one team or another.

Moneylines will be offered by the vast majority of online sportsbooks, with the favourite listed as a negative number and the underdog listed as a positive number. So if the Toronto Blue Jays are listed at +375 against the -200 St. Louis Cardinals, it means that the Jays are considered much less likely to win than the Cards. In fact, to win $100 betting on St. Louis, you’ll need to wager $200. However, for the Jays, you need to bet only $100 to win $375 on your wager.

Depending on the sportsbook that you’re with, you might also be able to make prop bets, such as the number of home runs hit by a team or an over/under on the number of matches that go into extra innings during the World Series.