MLB Postseason Betting Lines

MLB postseason betting lines are among the most competitive of the major professional sports leagues of North America, partially because of the fact that few teams make it to the playoffs. Unlike other leagues, which feature as many as 16 teams in the playoffs, only the great teams qualify, which avoids lopsided matchups that often occur when the eighth seed meets the top team in the conference. Instead, any ballclub that makes the postseason has a chance to win, regardless of the team they face.

MLB Postseason Betting Lines Today

This list of MLB postseason betting lines today gives you the lowdown on the next set of playoff games that will take place. Although the moneylines you see here remain updated, confirm the odds you’re receiving before placing your money on the line.

regular - week-28
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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 03 October
FT Minnesota Twins 4 - 8 New York Yankees +240 -256 Odds
Wednesday 04 October
39' Colorado Rockies 0 - 3 Diamondbacks +140 -145 Odds

Sportsbook Bonus To Bet On MLB Postseason

This section gives you the sportsbook bonus to bet on MLB postseason games offered by a variety of online wagering services. In addition to this bonus, some of the sites offer rebates and special betting promotions that give odds that are better than expected.

The MLB postseason is one of the most exciting for even casual fans to watch because of the quality of baseball compared to the regular season. Competition tightens at the end of the regular season, with teams attempting to make the most out of each pitch and at-bat. Since baseball isn’t played with a timer, the game is never truly over until the last batter is out. This has resulted in some incredible comebacks, including the Kansas City Royals’ eight come-from-behind victories during the 2015 MLB playoffs.

Betting on the MLB postseason is similar to betting on the NBA regular season. Sportsbooks usually give you the option of betting on individual playoff games, but also let you wager on the outcome of the series. Depending on the site that you’re signed up with, you may be able to place different types of prop bets, like the number of home runs hit by a team, or the total amount of runs scored by both teams together.

The odds that sportsbooks give you are often listed as moneylines, which have both a positive and negative number. If the Houston Astros are a -225 favourite to win over the New York Mets, listed at +250, it means that you have to wager $225 to win $100 on the Astros. Since the Mets are the underdogs, you only need to bet $100 to win $250. These odds change according to different factors such as the amount of the betting pool dedicated to a team, or injuries that affect the quality of the starting lineup.

Often, pitching is the biggest factor when deciding whether or not a team will be listed as a favourite for an MLB playoff game. Aces such as Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta have the ability to make or break a playoffs series, as evidenced by recent playoff records of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs.