San Francisco Giants Betting Lines

Similar to their southern California rivals in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Giants started out in New York state as the Giants before the team moved to San Francisco. Since starting out as the New York Gothams in 1883, they’ve won the most ballgames of any American baseball team. The team has managed to snap out of a long World Series slump in 2010, winning the championship every other year, causing San Francisco Giants betting lines to skyrocket in popularity.

San Francisco Giants Betting Lines Today

The next time the Giants take the diamond will be listed here, giving you their next opponent along with the moneylines that sportsbooks have been setting up for the game. Nonetheless, double check with your sportsbook before confirming your wager.

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San Francisco Giants Schedule And Games Result

All the regular season games during their campaign are listed in this section, from the first pitch of the season to the last out. We also list the results of each game along with the odds that were offered before the match started.

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San Francisco Giants Standings Conference

The standings often give you a good idea of how well a team is faring. With this widget, you can compare any team from the National or American League with the Giants regular season progress.

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How To Bet On The San Francisco Giants

When attempting to predict the winner of any ballgame, experts tend to look at trends such as individual hot streaks and winning streaks of an entire team. Another big factor tends to be which starting pitcher is slated to take the mound before the game.

However, in the case of teams with a long history like the San Francisco Giants, it pays to consider long standing divisional rivalries that have developed over the decade. Derived from a general dislike between the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Giants and the Dodgers feed off their previous competitive history as well as civic pride of which team has the best ballclub.

This leads to moneylines that are somewhat more unpredictable compared to other regular season matches, as the tone takes on more of a playoff vibe. Read into the moneyline to see if it’s worth betting on a tight matchup. If the Giants are favoured to win with a -300 line, remember that you’ll need to bet $300 to win $100. On the other hand, if the Giants have a +300 line against the Dodgers, you’ll have to wager $100 to win $300 on the upset prediction.

In this case, since you have to wager a lot more to win less on the favourite, you risk losing your cash to an upset win by a motivated rival such as the Dodgers, adding insult to injury due to the fact that you would’ve won a lot more for betting a lot less on the underdogs. Assessing this risk/reward ratio is a vital part of betting on the San Francisco Giants and other MLB teams.